Rainbow Fun

What do you enjoy most about showers?  For me, it’s all about the smell.  Yes, even when it comes to food, smell is so important.  Can you imagine not being able to smell?

I know someone who can’t. He has a condition called anosmia. It’s the inability to smell.  So when he was little he didn’t like to eat a lot of things because he couldn’t smell anything, let alone taste them!

At the beginning of this week, I got a Lush Delivery and one of the goodies was the Rainbow Fun Bar. Never mind that it’s colourful.  It smells SOOO GOOD.  It’s ridiculous.  If it wasn’t a piece of soap I would’ve eaten it already.

I let my kids use some and they loved it! The whole bathroom and upstairs smells so fruity and fresh.

In fact, the smell reminds me so much of Fruit Stripes gum.  I grew up eating this as a kid.  We’d look forward to the tattoo after opening each stick of gum.  The smell took me back to my childhood.


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