Change of Plan

Yesterday, on the way home from V’s school, W fell asleep.  We were so close it home and didn’t want to drive around. So I got out of the car and took the stroller out to get ready to walk her. Usually, she wakes when I park the car – a sign that says she’s not deeply asleep. This time l, she was.  

So I carefully took her out of her carseat and put her in the stroller.  She cried a little but went right back to sleep. I did errands at the Parkway Mall. She slept for 55 min. Not bad.

The afternoon was great as we both fell asleep for almost 2 hours in the big bed.   

Today, W fell asleep again in the car on the way to school this time. I had planned to drive all the way to Ajax Once Upon a Child on streets only. Somehow, she woke up 33 minutes later.  I was bummed.  Then I remembered that the Ontario Early Years Centre has Babies in Playland today.  So I took her. 

W had such a great time.  She as saying hi to everyone and walking around exploring everything. She loved circle time, the songs, the parachute, the bubbles and the books.  She is such a social butterfly. I’m going to miss her when I return to work in March.  


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