This might sound weird.  I’m at a mall. But I’m online shopping.  Using the mall wifi. Yeah.  W is napping in the stroller and I just got to keep moving. It’s nice and quiet right now because schools not out yet.

Lately I’ve been wanting to do something about my hair. It’s grown so long and feels heavy. I haven’t cut it since I was pregnant with W.  I’m due for a cut and I’ve been super lazy about styling it.  One style I want to try is giving it some waves.  I’m on the hunt for a curling wand – one that’s tapered so I can get a variety of curl styles.

Also, I visited a Sephora store to get some advice on how to fill my brows and apply blush. As much as Pinterest and YouTube are great, it still is better in person to see how it’s done. A useful tip I walked away with was to start at the tail of my eyebrows so that I don’t overdo the top part of my eyebrows.  I tried it and it works!

Speaking of curling hair, I thought I’d try this hack for curling V’s hair.  I used an elastic hairband and you basically put it around the head.  Then, strand by strand, you twist and put it around the band, gathering more hair on the next twist and wraparound until you have done both sides and reached the back. It’s best done after a shower when hair is still slightly damp and you leave it until the hair is dry.  This is the best way to achieve strong curls.



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