No Rest

My hips hurt.  I’m definitely getting older.  I wore W today for about 30 min while we were out earlier. Maybe it’s because W has been sleeping poorly lately.

In fact, it has gone from bad to worse.  She had two short naps today since she fell asleep in the car twice so I thought she’d be tired and fall asleep easily. No. It took her a long time to fall asleep.  Then when she finally did she woke up less than hour later.  After M settles her, she wakes up crying again.  So now I’m wearing her because she will go to sleep without fussing as much.  After 15 min I will put her in the crib. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the adjustment period to daycare. Maybe she misses me and wants me at night more because she’s not with me during the day. I hope this passes.  It’s really tiring.  It’s only been two weeks of work but I feel like it’s been longer.  

In other areas, one of Ws molar came out. It’s huge and out of order! Neither Z nor V had this happen to them. Their teeth came in sequence just as the chart said.  Also teeth usually come in pairs but Ws other upper left incisor (not the middle one) hasn’t come out yet.  It’s taking a while for her teeth to come in.  Maybe they’re all coming in at once. Yikes.  Poor girl. 

I was hoping to just crash in front of the tv tonight and watch Riverdale. I have marking to do but I can do them during the staff meeting.  I’m starting to feel like I’m falling behind.  

On the plus side, the temperature this afternoon was quite mild – above 10 degree Celsius.  The girls and I went to get some groceries and I let W walk a little since V wanted to as well.  It was an nice walk. Then we played in the courtyard for a little and listened to music. 

Surviving on Routines

Week two of back-to-work just ended for me. It has been non-stop since.   It feels good to just lie down and write, even though I have some planning and marking to do for next week. There’s no way I would’ve survived if it wasn’t for routines.  

So here’s my daily routine. 

6:45am Wake up. Brush teeth. Put on contact lens.  Change.  Hair and makeup. Dress W.   Head downstairs.  Grab lunch bags out of fridge, stuff them in respective backpacks.  Breakfast.  Jackets and boots for the girls. Out the door by 7:55 am.  

8:05 am. W at daycare.  8:20 am.  V at school for morning care.  8:35 am. Me at work. Go to office and grab attendance sheets.  Photocopying (if any), log into computer and check email.  Bell rings. School day starts.  

3:11 pm.  Bell rings. School day ends.  Tidy desk and pack bag.  Out the door by 3:25pm. Pickup V by 3:40pm latest. Head to W.  3:56 pm head home.  Home by 4:05 pm.  Jackets and shoes/boots off.  Backpacks on hook.  Lunch bags out on kitchen counter.  

Wash hands. Nurse W.  girls play while I empty lunch bags and dishwasher (if clean).  Prep dinner.  5:30 pm. Start dinner.  Cleanup. 6:00 pm. Homework for kids or free time. Pack lunches if not tied up with kids. 

6:45 pm. Head upstairs with W.  Bath, change, nurse and books. Lights out at 7pm.  Other kids come up and get ready for bedtime.  Books done and lights out by 7:45pm. 

Head downstairs.  Sweep and tidy kitchen. Pack lunches if not made yet. General tidy up if the house.  8:30 pm.  Ws first wakeup.  M goes to her while I try to get some school work done. 10:00 pm. W up again. I’m with her this time and stay in bed until the morning. (I don’t get to sleep through the rest of the night as she wakes several more times and fusses. )

And it starts all over again.  

What’s your typical day like?