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It’s been five days since school officially ended.  It feels more like two weeks – this is a good sign.  We’ve done so much as a family and are looking forward to more fun things to do. 

Seeing that W loves animals and both Z and V are older and have a different appreciation for the zoo, we reinstated the zoo membership.  It has been so great since we are close to the zoo and we love the splash island.  Some days we just go to the water park and then go home.  Some days we visit the animals.  It all depends on weather. 

Before I forget, we’ve also been enjoying sleeping lately.  M has been successful in sleep training W.  It has been 6 nights that she’s been sleeping through the night.  When she cries out, M just talks to her on the monitor and tells her to lie down and go back to sleep. The best part is when she wakes up she is happy.  She just talks to herself and does not get up and call out or cry.  In fact this morning, she fell back asleep after 20 min or so of talking to herself.  M and I got to shower and get ready. 

And where were Z and V the entire time?  Well, yesterday we got back into working with Perler beads.  Cyclops took me an hour and a half to make last night.  So when they woke up this morning, they went downstairs and got to work.  Instead of coming to our room and waking us up they chose to work quietly downstairs.  We feel blessed.  

Yesterday, they were both sitting on the floor in their room singing the chorus to the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors.  It was so cute.  M and I were giggling to ourselves listening to them. And it was all because we watched World of Dance with FikShun.  

In less than a week, we will be flying to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for a week of all inclusive vacation. I can’t wait.  It will be so nice to just relax and play with the kids and not worry about chores at all. 

We’re currently on our way to MakerEd TO, happening down at the Lower House of the York School.  M is presenting with his colleague on how to choose the right bots for your classroom. 

The kids are at daycare so we are in a maker date.  So excited!!!


Surviving on Routines

Week two of back-to-work just ended for me. It has been non-stop since.   It feels good to just lie down and write, even though I have some planning and marking to do for next week. There’s no way I would’ve survived if it wasn’t for routines.  

So here’s my daily routine. 

6:45am Wake up. Brush teeth. Put on contact lens.  Change.  Hair and makeup. Dress W.   Head downstairs.  Grab lunch bags out of fridge, stuff them in respective backpacks.  Breakfast.  Jackets and boots for the girls. Out the door by 7:55 am.  

8:05 am. W at daycare.  8:20 am.  V at school for morning care.  8:35 am. Me at work. Go to office and grab attendance sheets.  Photocopying (if any), log into computer and check email.  Bell rings. School day starts.  

3:11 pm.  Bell rings. School day ends.  Tidy desk and pack bag.  Out the door by 3:25pm. Pickup V by 3:40pm latest. Head to W.  3:56 pm head home.  Home by 4:05 pm.  Jackets and shoes/boots off.  Backpacks on hook.  Lunch bags out on kitchen counter.  

Wash hands. Nurse W.  girls play while I empty lunch bags and dishwasher (if clean).  Prep dinner.  5:30 pm. Start dinner.  Cleanup. 6:00 pm. Homework for kids or free time. Pack lunches if not tied up with kids. 

6:45 pm. Head upstairs with W.  Bath, change, nurse and books. Lights out at 7pm.  Other kids come up and get ready for bedtime.  Books done and lights out by 7:45pm. 

Head downstairs.  Sweep and tidy kitchen. Pack lunches if not made yet. General tidy up if the house.  8:30 pm.  Ws first wakeup.  M goes to her while I try to get some school work done. 10:00 pm. W up again. I’m with her this time and stay in bed until the morning. (I don’t get to sleep through the rest of the night as she wakes several more times and fusses. )

And it starts all over again.  

What’s your typical day like?