And it begins…

Tonight, I got to leave the house at 7:30pm.  M is doing books and bedtime with the kids.  It has been a while. I wanted to go to Value Village to shop.  The last time I went I scored well – finding tops I can wear for work. When V heard this she asked me to look for a shoulder cutout shirt and an off-the-shoulder sweater.  My goodness.  She’s only 5 and she’s already wanting to dress sexy! Scary.  What do you think? Should I encourage it?

Lately, I’ve been trying to spend as much time with W as possible since she’s going to be in daycare in a week. Yes, my baby is going to daycare.  That week will be my week to myself. I plan to get a haircut, get a massage, go through my wardrobe, go into school, and maybe some cleaning the house. Maybe.  We’ll see. 

In the last few days, W has learned about puppets – finger and hand puppets.  She’s so proud when I her put the puppet on.  She wiggles her little finger to make the puppet move.  I should also say that her latest love are squirrels.  We like to look out windows when we’re home and spot squirrels. She gets so excited. I’m thinking we should get our zoo membership again starting in the spring. She’d love it!!!

This afternoon, I was home with both girls. Z was at a friends’ house for a play date while M was at a training session for his SteamPlant. I let V paint my nails. While she was painting my nails, I browsed on Pinterest and found a pin that uses nail polish to create a marbling effect. 

Here’s one of them.  It’s a little messy and whatever container you use you just throw out after.  It’s super easy to do though and the results are stunning!    Definitely doable with kids.  And it’s a great way to use up some of the many nail polish bottles I have! 

Btw, the weather has returned to winter.  It was snowing when I went out to VV and chatime for bubble tea.  


Family Fun 

It’s the third week of February.  The temperature was 12 degrees Celsius.  Maybe even higher with the sun.  It was a nice day out.  We decided to go for a walk after breakfast in our neighbourhood.  The kids were so excited to be out.  I was, too.  Truth be told, we’ve all been feeling under the weather, one way or another.  If it wasn’t Z or V, it was M or me.  Or W.   The day was too nice to miss being outside.

Summer in Winter

I’m in my t-shirt and Capri pants. Its that warm out. Yeah. I’m out walking W for a nap.  The first attempt at noon didn’t last long – 30 min.  It’s so nice out, so I thought, ‘why not?”.  The wind is blowing but the sun is beating down so it’s nice and warm in the sun.  I’m thankful for weather like this.

On my walk, I did some errands.  As you know, M is gluten-free. I grabbed some items from the grocery store and came across this new gluten-free bread. I’m telling you, it is delicious.  More importantly, light and fluffy.  

Just look at the air pockets.  Never mind the chia seeds you don’t even taste them.  M spread Nutella on it and was in heaven eating it.  It’s that crazy good. 

Also, take a look at this strawberry.  It is ginormous. It’s probably the size of little Vs heart.  


Typical Day with a Toddler

The day started out very foggy but also very mild.  By the afternoon,the temperature had risen to  14 degrees Celsius.  I couldn’t get over how nice it was.  Even V wanted to play outside after school. I let her scoot around in the courtyard.  We rolled down the car windows partway on the drive home and the girls loved having the wind blow through their hair. 

On our drives to and from school, we listen to a Sharon, Lois and Bram CD I bought at Walmart.  I didn’t grow up here so I wasn’t familiar with any of their songs cut I bought it because I thought the kids would like it.  And they do.  Funny enough, M remembers listening to them during his childhood.  V likes singing along to some of them and I’m impressed with her ability to remember the lyrics.  She’s always been good at remembering things – like when she’s heard a story multiple times she can retell it herself.  

W and I did usual thing this morning – going to the PFLC.   She gravitated to the easel with the paintbrushes the minute she saw it.  She was about to put the brush in her mouth when I caught her just in time. It ended up on her cute button nose instead 

It’s too bad I’m going back to work in less than two weeks because I really enjoy taking her to the centre and watching her interact with others and her surroundings. I can’t believe she’ll be in daycare soon. I’m really going to miss her! I know she’s ready for daycare because she can self-feed and gets along well with others.  W really enjoys the social interactions.  

Sick Again

I want winter to be over.  I really do.  I hate being sick.  Even more so, I hate it when the kids are sick.  Well, this time, it’s V and W.  Last night was another rough night disguised as a wakeful and playful one.  W woke for the third time around 11 pm and didn’t settle until about 2am.  I ended falling asleep in the chair. 

This morning she was so upset in the car. She coughed so much that she vomited all over her jacket and the car seat buckle. M had to clean her up and while he was doing that she vomited again and luckily he caught it in his hand.  She was so exhausted after that ordeal she was quiet the rest of the ride.  We skipped the PFLC this morning since she wasn’t feeling well.  But she fell asleep even before we got home. I took her out of the car anyway, hoping to nap her at the usual time. 

Poor girl.  She was so tired I felt bad waking her.  We managed to walk to the mall to return some library books and get groceries.  By the time we got back it was almost 11am. W had no appetite so I just nursed her whenever she got fussy.  I offered water when I could to keep her hydrated.  Her nose wouldn’t stop running. 

Nap time seemed relatively easy with her falling asleep almost immediately.  Inwent downstairs to eat something and have some me time.  But just a few minutes after I left her, I looked in the monitor to find her sitting up.  So back upstairs I went.  I ended up lying down and nursing her back. 

W woke from her nap miserable and very warm. She had a fever and was uncomfortable. The only thing that calmed her down was nursing.  Her face was flushed and red – nose running with clear mucus.  She had a couple of days when she was almost healthy and now this.  

Staying home with a sick baby isn’t fun and makes for a very long day. I try to enjoy her as much as possible, knowing that she’ll be going to daycare in two weeks, and, I, to work in three.  Sigh.  I’m going to miss her when I go back to work.  

Fort LV

If you have boys or are with a LEGO fan, chances are, you can find LEGO in almost any room in the house.  Maybe not.  But I can.  After coming down from tucking the kids in for bedtime, I was confronted by these three minifigures.  I don’t even know where they came from. They were just lying on the kitchen counter so I decided to place them on the shelf in the kitchen cupboard so as to be able to spot them easily.

Anyhow, tonight, I am solo. With three kids.  M has PT interviews today until 8, then he has a meeting with a colleague.  So, if all goes well with W’s sleep, then I’m in for a relaxing 2 hours.  Otherwise, it’s early bedtime for me.

Let’s start with the great things that happened today.

I took W to the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre this morning for about 2 hours.  She had so much fun and was enjoying the social aspect of it a lot, saying ‘hi’ to every person she encounters.  She even gives things to random people.  We played with the sensory tables (a rice one and a yarn one), did an arts and craft with coloured glue, sequins and feathers, played with baby dolls and play food, had snacks, read some books, and discovered these letter bags filled with plastic beads and objects – kind of like an I Spy bag. We even went to gym time, where she got to just walk around, picking up and carrying balls in her arms.

The night before was not so great for sleep so I was happy that I was able to distract her and keep her occupied and stimulated for the morning.  We rushed home to have lunch and then by 12 noon, she was asleep.  I came downstairs, had lunch, watched a little Jane the Virgin and felt like solving math problems so I sat and did just that!  All this time, I had the monitor beside me and was keeping an eye on her, expecting her to wake up anytime soon.  But she slept – uninterrupted for 2 hours!  I was so relieved that this new schedule was working out so far.

Z had a PA Day at school but I sent him to Kids Club, where they played indoor sports and baked some cookies.  He enjoyed himself with his friends.  Instead of having him come home in the transportation van he usually takes, I went to go pick him up with W.  After, we swung by V’s school to pick her up and then M was last.  On the ride home, I asked the kids if they would be interested in having hotdogs for dinner.  Z had to one-up it and requested for corndogs instead.  Have you ever had corndogs?  Oh, wait till you try this recipe.  It is the easiest!

Corndog Recipe

  • 1/2 c corn meal
  • 1/2 flour (sub for Gluten-free Bisquick for a GF version)
  • 1/2 c milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 6 hotdogs cut in half and skewered
  • canola oil for frying

Just mix all the ingredients and place in a tall glass. (I thinned out my batter a little by adding a tbsp or so of milk.  I don’t like a doughy batter.)  Dredge each hotdog in flour and dip into the batter. Fry in oil at 350F until golden brown.  I like to spin the skewer so that it cooks evenly and the batter puffs up.

Serve with ketchup or your favourite mustard.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 8.25.52 PM.pngWhen W saw the corndogs, she got so excited!  I didn’t know she would love them so much.  Btw, we buy the hotdogs that are natural and free from nitrites.  It’s the PC Brand.  The best.  Hands down.  SO, dinner consisted of corndogs, potato chips and veggies with dip.  I made it so that it would be an easy and fun dinner if I was going to be alone with the kids – even though M ended up staying a little before going back to work.

After dinner, the two kids played for a bit.  I wanted to just sit with W and unwind, have some cantaloupe so we sat on the couch.  I turned on the tv and Odd Squad was on.  Z and V heard it and came and sat and watched.  They love that show.  Then after, Wild Kratts was on – another great show, so I let them watch.  I asked them to come up for a shower after the show was over while I got W ready for bedtime.

They came up on their own, got showered on their own and got dressed on their own.  They did an amazing job.  (Here are the parts I left out.  While in the shower together, V got shampoo in her eyes and was screaming like a banshee while Z stands under the water just oblivious to the fact that V needs water!!! So I had to go into the bathroom and rectify the situation.  Then, a few minutes later, V shouts, “stop! stop! Stop! – her classic one liner, lol, and it turns out, Z was splashing her with water.  Of course, he denies it, so at this point, I don’t even know who to believe. I just needed the screaming to stop and for them to finish showering so the water could also stop running down the drain.)

While they got ready for the night, I go downstairs to get the iPads.  One is completely dead so I had to find a charger and bring it up.  The other one appears to have a new password – a 6-digit one!   What?!?  No one informed me of this change.  So I text M, who, apparently, was in a meeting with a parent. No response for about 5 min so I call (like it’s an emergency. Uhm, yeah, it IS an emergency, coz I’ve got to put the baby to bed. And this password situation is holding us up!) M answers.  Yes, a new password.  Solved!

Z gets ready first and is done before V.  Normally, he prefers one iPad over the other, because the apps are not entirely the same. But tonight, he decided to just play on the one, even though he really prefers the other one. V is still getting dressed at this time.  I leave Z to his device and proceed to turn off the lights and nurse W to sleep.  Then I hear our door open and Z walks in in tears.  Great!  V won’t let him have the other iPad and it has all his ‘favourite games’.  What?!?  So I had to bring the baby with me, scold them (well, I raised my voice out of frustration, really.  I know, shame on me.  But I’m planning to apologize to them later.)  about disrupting W’s bedtime routine, and asked them solve the problem.

I left and W finally falls asleep at 7:05, after much fussing in my arms and in her crib – not really crying but just trying to find a comfortable position.  I sneak out, go to the kids and ask them to surrender the devices.  Z does it immediately, while V wanted to show me something before she gave it to me.


I started by apologizing to the kids for raising my voice. All is back to calm.  We read stories.  Z loves the series of books I found in the library by Jane Yolen. So we read from the Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts.  Now, the reading level is certainly not for kids under 7 because V confirmed the fact that she often does not follow the story due to the writing style.  So I made it an effort to retell using plain language that she would understand.  Book time is really one of my favourite times with them because I get to snuggle up with both of them and read.

The rest is history.  They were both out by 7:45pm.  And  I made a decision NOT to take a shower in case W wakes up.  Instead, I came downstairs to write this post.  And guess what?  W is still sleeping, so this means I have some ME time.  Woohoo!!!!

Oh, wait. I still need to make V a lunch since she has school tomorrow.  Damn.  Ok, that shouldn’t be too difficult.  Z has no school and M is only working half day and will be taking Z with him to school.



A Bust

Last night was rough. W fussed almost all night and she wouldn’t even settle for nursing a few times.  I’m at a lost as to what’s going on.  So M and I made a decision to move W back in with us.  She’s been in our bed for at least two weeks and is taking up space so we just reattached her crib to my side of the bed. We also brought the rocker back, too.  

I know what you’re thinking, what? She’s back in your room? Yeah. I know.  I know.  I just love our babies so much.  Seven years of not sleeping through the night, what’s one more?  Anyways we will see how this works out this time.  She’s woken three times so far. Maybe the rest of the night will be better.  

Yesterday, W did a marathon nap midday.  Because she had an earlier wakeup and a rough night, she was very fussy.  I had planned to take her to the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre but it was closed.   I know, of all the days, it was closed today!  So I took W back home. I think she was disapppointed because she started crying when I had to turn around and walk back to the car. Tomorrow I will take her to the Early Years Centre.  

Both naps were short and W spent a lot of time walking around, getting into drawers and making a mess.  She’s lately starting to really enjoy climbing the stairs. And she’s so proud of it too. 

I’m hoping to nap her around midday tomorrow and try to stick to the same schedule from now on.  Wish me luck. 

Above Zero

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It feels like a while since I last posted.  What feels even longer is the this cough and cold that I’ve had since the last week of January.  I don’t recall being sick for this long ever.  Ever.  At most, it’s a week.  Every  morning I wake up with a lot of phlegm in my nasal cavity and my throat.  Admittedly, it hasn’t been that great for sleeping either.  I’m hoping to kick this soon coz it sucks to be sick!

On the plus side, the day started out with W waking up at 8.  That is late for her, considering she usually wakes between 6-6:45 am.  I should backtrack and tell you a bit about last night.  M has been putting her to bed after I read to her and nurse her for the last 2-3 weeks.  It has been going very well, until the last week.  W has been waking up crying multiple times before midnight.

Last night was no different.  W woke up crying every hour, after the third time, I took over since she was just miserable with M.  I ended up bringing her into our bed for the rest of the night.  I just needed her to sleep.  We are on the path to start sleep training sometime soon – before March.  We just have not decided on how and when exactly to begin.  M has volunteered to do it since I’m too weak for this.  I can not stand to hear her cry.  Anyhow, she slept pretty good for most of the  night, until the dreaded 4:30 am wakeup – this has been happening quite often lately.  So I took her back to her room, sat on the rocker and nursed her back to sleep.

By the time I brought her back into our bed, it was already minutes after six.  The other two kids were already awake.  I went back to sleep out of exhaustion and woke up around 7:35 am and left the room, with W still sleeping in the bed.  I went and got ready in the bathroom and helped V get ready as well.  M couldn’t change because W was in the room still.  So we waited until she woke up.  She was in a really good mood.  Immediately, I saw the opportunity to push her nap to after lunch in hopes of helping her ease the transition into the one-nap when she goes to daycare.

Currently, she’s been asleep since 12:20 pm.  I set up the 4th baby monitor camera (I know, we have four!  Why?  One for each of the two older kids and one in W’s room.  I didnt want to move it back and forth.)  in our room  so I could do things downstairs.  In the time I came down, I had lunch, set up the sous vide for the London Broil, made six number greeting cards, and started this post.  I love that I can be so much more productive when she’s sleeping.

I had a nice time with W this morning.  It’s so different when I don’t have to rush home to nap her after dropping V off at school.  Since we didn’t get to eat breakfast because of her late wakeup, we went to Starbucks.  We shared a breakfast sandwich and I had a tall Blonde coffee.  We sat for about half an hour and just relaxed.  W said hi to everyone we encountered. She really makes people giggle. After we went to the mall since I had a return to do.  I also needed to buy a gift for a bday party this weekend.

I love Walmart.  Ok, seriously, I found some really cute stuff there.  I know how a lot of people do not like Walmart, even M, but the stuff there is pretty good.  I loved the clothing I found.  I would totally wear them if they had adult sizes.  Since kids go through clothing so much as they grow, I find it’s to worth it to spend a lot on clothes they are not going to wear for a long time.  I don’t like spending more than $7-8 on tees.  Honestly, $4-5 is a great price!  I found a cute romper for V and I know she’s going to love it. She used to have one from H&M that she wore a lot, until she got it caught and it ripped at the thigh.  So I have cut off the legs and am planning to make them into short rompers instead.  Just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

Anyway, here are the cards I have made earlier.  Three of them I used a cut out from a wrapping paper and the other three I hand drew.  I quite like them.  I prefer them to the store-bought greeting cards since I find them so pricey.  I’m all about DIY and hand made.  If we could afford to, I would continue to stay home and craft and eventually sell what I make.  But we are not there yet. 


This might sound weird.  I’m at a mall. But I’m online shopping.  Using the mall wifi. Yeah.  W is napping in the stroller and I just got to keep moving. It’s nice and quiet right now because schools not out yet.

Lately I’ve been wanting to do something about my hair. It’s grown so long and feels heavy. I haven’t cut it since I was pregnant with W.  I’m due for a cut and I’ve been super lazy about styling it.  One style I want to try is giving it some waves.  I’m on the hunt for a curling wand – one that’s tapered so I can get a variety of curl styles.

Also, I visited a Sephora store to get some advice on how to fill my brows and apply blush. As much as Pinterest and YouTube are great, it still is better in person to see how it’s done. A useful tip I walked away with was to start at the tail of my eyebrows so that I don’t overdo the top part of my eyebrows.  I tried it and it works!

Speaking of curling hair, I thought I’d try this hack for curling V’s hair.  I used an elastic hairband and you basically put it around the head.  Then, strand by strand, you twist and put it around the band, gathering more hair on the next twist and wraparound until you have done both sides and reached the back. It’s best done after a shower when hair is still slightly damp and you leave it until the hair is dry.  This is the best way to achieve strong curls.


Back to the Grind

Today is the first day I feel almost normal.  No headaches.  Just dry throat and some coughs.  I drove M and V to school today.  But we left a little earlier so M could get to school earlier to do some work.  We had time to spare so I took the girls to Shoppers Drug Mart to return two boxes of flu medicine that we didn’t end up needing.

I let W loose since the store just opened and was fairly quiet.  It is so entertaining to watch her touch, admire and ogle over everything colourful.  At one point, she picked up a box of Smarties and wouldn’t let go at all.  I didn’t try to force it out of her because I didn’t want her to get upset.  So I just let her hold on to it. (I think secretly she knows it’s chocolate inside somehow.)

W walked by herself going in and out of the elevator.  Of course, V and I had to remind her which way we were going since she kept going the opposite direction.  All of a sudden, she spotted a bag of bagels.  That was it!  She dropped the bag of Smarties in exchange for the bagels, turning to me and grunting – indicating that she would like to have some.  And so she did.

By the time we got into the car and were all buckled up, it was 8:43 am.  Perfect timing.  I didn’t want to be waiting too long to drop V off since I wasn’t sure if W would tolerate sitting in the car for long.  It turns out, she stayed awake for the rest of the ride and we had a nap at home.

Her morning nap wasn’t too bad – an hour on her own, and another hour with me holding her.  I got to relax and watch an episode of Jane the Virgin and have a cup of tea.  As usual, when she’s had a great sleep, she always wakes up in a great mood.  Picture this…

I’m holding W in my arms and she is asleep.  She then slowly stirs and opens her eyes.  Sitting up, she leans in close to my face with her mouth open, giving me a kiss, after saying ‘hi’ to me with a smile.  

Now, that’s a wakeup I would enjoy every morning!  Who wouldn’t?

I can’t believe it’s Feb. 6!  While nursing her at bedtime, I was getting sad at the thought of missing her when I go back to work after March Break.  I may not be the first to see some of her milestones anymore as she will be at daycare.  I worry about her nap time since no one will be nursing, rocking, or singing to her there.  I know she will cry and she will be ok.  But maybe I am not going to be ok. Sigh.