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It’s been five days since school officially ended.  It feels more like two weeks – this is a good sign.  We’ve done so much as a family and are looking forward to more fun things to do. 

Seeing that W loves animals and both Z and V are older and have a different appreciation for the zoo, we reinstated the zoo membership.  It has been so great since we are close to the zoo and we love the splash island.  Some days we just go to the water park and then go home.  Some days we visit the animals.  It all depends on weather. 

Before I forget, we’ve also been enjoying sleeping lately.  M has been successful in sleep training W.  It has been 6 nights that she’s been sleeping through the night.  When she cries out, M just talks to her on the monitor and tells her to lie down and go back to sleep. The best part is when she wakes up she is happy.  She just talks to herself and does not get up and call out or cry.  In fact this morning, she fell back asleep after 20 min or so of talking to herself.  M and I got to shower and get ready. 

And where were Z and V the entire time?  Well, yesterday we got back into working with Perler beads.  Cyclops took me an hour and a half to make last night.  So when they woke up this morning, they went downstairs and got to work.  Instead of coming to our room and waking us up they chose to work quietly downstairs.  We feel blessed.  

Yesterday, they were both sitting on the floor in their room singing the chorus to the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors.  It was so cute.  M and I were giggling to ourselves listening to them. And it was all because we watched World of Dance with FikShun.  

In less than a week, we will be flying to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for a week of all inclusive vacation. I can’t wait.  It will be so nice to just relax and play with the kids and not worry about chores at all. 

We’re currently on our way to MakerEd TO, happening down at the Lower House of the York School.  M is presenting with his colleague on how to choose the right bots for your classroom. 

The kids are at daycare so we are in a maker date.  So excited!!!


Above Zero

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It feels like a while since I last posted.  What feels even longer is the this cough and cold that I’ve had since the last week of January.  I don’t recall being sick for this long ever.  Ever.  At most, it’s a week.  Every  morning I wake up with a lot of phlegm in my nasal cavity and my throat.  Admittedly, it hasn’t been that great for sleeping either.  I’m hoping to kick this soon coz it sucks to be sick!

On the plus side, the day started out with W waking up at 8.  That is late for her, considering she usually wakes between 6-6:45 am.  I should backtrack and tell you a bit about last night.  M has been putting her to bed after I read to her and nurse her for the last 2-3 weeks.  It has been going very well, until the last week.  W has been waking up crying multiple times before midnight.

Last night was no different.  W woke up crying every hour, after the third time, I took over since she was just miserable with M.  I ended up bringing her into our bed for the rest of the night.  I just needed her to sleep.  We are on the path to start sleep training sometime soon – before March.  We just have not decided on how and when exactly to begin.  M has volunteered to do it since I’m too weak for this.  I can not stand to hear her cry.  Anyhow, she slept pretty good for most of the  night, until the dreaded 4:30 am wakeup – this has been happening quite often lately.  So I took her back to her room, sat on the rocker and nursed her back to sleep.

By the time I brought her back into our bed, it was already minutes after six.  The other two kids were already awake.  I went back to sleep out of exhaustion and woke up around 7:35 am and left the room, with W still sleeping in the bed.  I went and got ready in the bathroom and helped V get ready as well.  M couldn’t change because W was in the room still.  So we waited until she woke up.  She was in a really good mood.  Immediately, I saw the opportunity to push her nap to after lunch in hopes of helping her ease the transition into the one-nap when she goes to daycare.

Currently, she’s been asleep since 12:20 pm.  I set up the 4th baby monitor camera (I know, we have four!  Why?  One for each of the two older kids and one in W’s room.  I didnt want to move it back and forth.)  in our room  so I could do things downstairs.  In the time I came down, I had lunch, set up the sous vide for the London Broil, made six number greeting cards, and started this post.  I love that I can be so much more productive when she’s sleeping.

I had a nice time with W this morning.  It’s so different when I don’t have to rush home to nap her after dropping V off at school.  Since we didn’t get to eat breakfast because of her late wakeup, we went to Starbucks.  We shared a breakfast sandwich and I had a tall Blonde coffee.  We sat for about half an hour and just relaxed.  W said hi to everyone we encountered. She really makes people giggle. After we went to the mall since I had a return to do.  I also needed to buy a gift for a bday party this weekend.

I love Walmart.  Ok, seriously, I found some really cute stuff there.  I know how a lot of people do not like Walmart, even M, but the stuff there is pretty good.  I loved the clothing I found.  I would totally wear them if they had adult sizes.  Since kids go through clothing so much as they grow, I find it’s to worth it to spend a lot on clothes they are not going to wear for a long time.  I don’t like spending more than $7-8 on tees.  Honestly, $4-5 is a great price!  I found a cute romper for V and I know she’s going to love it. She used to have one from H&M that she wore a lot, until she got it caught and it ripped at the thigh.  So I have cut off the legs and am planning to make them into short rompers instead.  Just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

Anyway, here are the cards I have made earlier.  Three of them I used a cut out from a wrapping paper and the other three I hand drew.  I quite like them.  I prefer them to the store-bought greeting cards since I find them so pricey.  I’m all about DIY and hand made.  If we could afford to, I would continue to stay home and craft and eventually sell what I make.  But we are not there yet. 

Hanging in Here

9:23 pm.  I’m sitting in the rocking chair, holding W, again.  I went to her at 8:26 pm, got her settled and back  in the crib. I was in the midst of enjoying a delicious slice of carrot cake I baked earlier. 

(At this point I feel like just bringing W in to our bed just so I can get some sleep. But maybe I should wait.  It’s just that I’m starting to ache from sitting in the chair and holding her for hours on end.)

I’m on my own tonight from 4:30 pm today.  M is at a Raptor’s game till late.  I had all three kids for dinner and bedtime.  Dinner was quick and easy – a teriyaki chicken bowl with broccoli and rice.  I even managed to make a carrot cake from scratch.

It’s been over a week since W moved to her new room.  The last couple of nights have been so exhausting with me going to W all hours of the night.  Once you’ve tasted sleep, it’s hard losing it again. I’m not sure why she’s waking a lot.  It’s also become increasingly challenging to put her in the crib without her waking and crying.  The I end up  holding her some more until I fall asleep in the  chair for a hour or so.

M suggested just letting her cry and go back to sleep on her own and not go to her at all. Well I tried that tonight and she just kept crying harder. By the time I picked her up she was so upset that she started coughing and gagging from crying so hard. That was less than ten minutes, too.

Some good things. We finally have a couple of gates up on the main floor so I’m able to let W walk around without worrying she’ll fall down stairs.  The shoes I ordered from Sears before the holidays just came today!  And they didn’t fit so now I need to figure out how to return an online purchase.   

At one point, just after V came home and M was getting ready to leave, I was also preparing dinner. Z was going to be home before 5 do I needed to get the food ready.  I tore off a large sheet of paper, squirted some poster paint on it and let the girls paint.  I took off Ws clothes and let her paint naked. 

W enjoyed herself so much it was comical to watch her.  She even have herself a moustache.  It looks like a lot of cleanup but in fact, it wasn’t.  Baby: tub wash. Floor: tear off masking tapes sheets and mop. Voila!

(Gotta go put W down. I’m going to try and rest before the next  I feel like a rough night is ahead of me. No rest for mama tonight. Sigh.)