You know the feeling when things don’t go as you planned them? Well, thus wekenend has been like that so far.  Plus all the snow that’s on the ground I think has something to do with it. 

Usually W does 1-1.2 hrs in the morning and then maybe 45 min in the afternoon.  It hasn’t been quite that way.  Her morning naps have been 30 min and Michael has had to go and extend her nap by picking her up and rocking her, which ends up with him holding her. I really wanted to move away from that so she could learn to sleep on her own. This will also give the four of us time to spend together, or even for some ME time. 

On a more fun side, we decided to take the kids tobogganing yesterday – nothing big.  But when you’re 42 and out of shape, trudging through a foot and a half of snow can send you panting and having leg cramps.  It was fun while it lasted but extremely tiring. 

I don’t know if this is a boy-thing, but Z kicks everything he sees.  Ok I understand kicking snow is fun.  But when he is in the house and sees something on the floor, instead of picking it up,he kicks it around. It drives me crazy. He’s been pushing and testing limits a lot today. Other than remaining calm, what else do you do or say as a parent?

Don’t get me wrong. I love him to pieces but when we say, “time to go”, he acts as if he doesn’t hear us.  He takes his time and goes slowly.  It’s the story every morning on school days.  The pickup van would arrive and be sitting on the driveway waiting for him and he slowly wanders to the foyer and doesn’t get dressed and ready to leave.  Like, what do you do? M gets so frustrated and ends up rushing him out. It’s like he has no sense of urgency. Happens with V too, though not as much. 

On a happier note, While W napped this morning, we crafted something as a family.  Sharpie mugs. We used vinyl letter stickers and drew designs on them.  

I’m looking forward to Zander’s Chanukah concert this Thursday.