Hearty Breakfast

I love weekends.  But I love breakfast on weekends even more.  When else can you have French toast or home fries, eggs and bacon, or fried rice? Or steamed buns?

Last night I made steamed bun dough while M was out with his colleagues.  I re-steamed them this morning and it was a hit with all three kids!  But because M is gluten-free he couldn’t eat them. So I made Chinese Fried Rice.

Our household loves rice. We go through rice so quickly that I need to buy a 40-lb rice to make it last a long time.  Another thing we have is  a 10-cup rice cooker.  (I know what you are thinking – who eats 10 cups of rice?!?!)  Well, we do – but not in one sitting, obviously.  I like to make extra because you can always just microwave rice to reheat.  And if it gets stale, all the better to make fried rice with!  Also, when I make sushi rolls, I go through a lot of rice so it’s better to cook it in the rice cooker.

Whenever I am cooking, one of the kids ends up wanting to help.  This morning, it was Z. So I made him don an apron and stir-fry rice in a wok.  Here’s how we made it.

Chinese Fried Rice


  • 2 pcs Chinese Sausage
  • 2 pieces of green onions, chopped
  • 3 cups stale rice
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce 0r 3 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp veg or canola oil


  1. Heat wok until smoking and add oil.
  2. Scramble eggs in the hot oil until cooked.
  3. Add a handful of green onions (or omit if you don’t like).
  4. Add Chinese Sausage and stir for about a minute.
  5. Toss in stale rice and cook, tossing to distribute the heat and ingredients evenly.
  6. Season with soy sauce and/or salt.
  7. Enjoy!


Rice Pillows

If there is one thing that my family has as a go-to food, it’s rice, seaweed, tuna and miso soup.  We sometimes have thus for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Rice is a staple in our house.  So is seaweed and Rio Mare tuna.  That’s our favourite tuna by far – bathed in olive oil. Just delicious. 

Our little W loves rice.  She got her first taste of seaweed about a month ago when she watched her siblings eat it.  Plain or filled with rice and/or avocado, she loves it. I cut them into bite siZed squares so she can just pop them into her mouth. 

It also makes for a nice picnic since it’s portable.  This combination is so satisfying since it has so much umami.  We love umami – it’s the fifth taste. 

Breakfast Cups

I grew up eating rice – a LOT of it.  I’m talking three times a day.  Yeah.  So for me, when I immigrated to Canada and discovered that breakfast is cereal and milk, I cringed.  I gave it a try though.  It hurt my stomach – I don’t know if it’s the cold milk or just the milk itself.  But I wasn’t fond of cereal at all.  I would occasionally eat some favourites as a snack at night.  Cereal never sustained me.

Breakfast at our house in the mornings of school days are hectic.  The baby has four teeth so can’t eat bacon or certain cereals.  She likes yogurt, fruits, cheerios and sometimes bread.  Violet is a great eater.  She’ll eat almost anything you give her (it’s great).  Then, there’s Zander – so hard to please.  Oh, let’s not forget Michael, who is gluten-free.

Picture this.

Violet is sitting and eating quietly. Zander is half on and half off his chair.  He sits for a few minutes, gets up and wanders around – distracted by anything and everything.  Willow is screaming (because she doesn’t have words yet) and she doesn’t want to sit in the high chair anymore.  Then there’s me in the kitchen, whipping up breakfast or warming up lunches to go into thermos containers.  Michael is there helping.

The clock is ticking.  Zander needs to get ready for the van that picks him up at 7:25 am to drive him to school.  He knows this all too well but takes his time eating and getting dressed.  Then at the last minute, just before he steps out the door, he “needs something”.  Ugh.  Michael gets stressed out. Finally, Zander’s gone.  The house is a little calmer.


What do we eat for breakfast?  A variety of things.  It’s because we are foodies and we don’t like eating the same thing everyday. Here are some things we eat for breakfast on different days.

  • a bowl of rice, miso soup, natto (not for kids), miso scrambled eggs, and seaweed. (I know what you are thinking – that’s a lot of food!  Who has time for that?  Trust me.  I know.)
  •  toast and scrambled eggs or an omelette.
  • home fries, bacon, toast
  • pancakes (chocolate chip for kids) and oatmeal for adults
  • hotdogs (just boiled)
  • crepes with nutella, cheese, or sugar and cinnamon (but who has time to make crepes?!?)
  • savoury potato cups

So some tips for making breakfast go a little smoother.

  • Pre-scramble eggs and place in a mason jar by shaking it.  In the morning, heat your skillet, add butter and pour your egg.
  • Make rice during the day or the night before
  • Mix miso with water and place in mason jar. Heat in microwave in the morning.
  • Boil or steam potatoes for 20 min.  Then cut in wedges and skillet fry in the morning.
  • make crepes at night
  • While breakfast is being made, get kids to set table.  As well, take out lunch bags and place by the door.

So tonight, I had time and prepared savoury egg and potato cups for breakfast. I was going to use the oven to cook them in a muffin tin but decided to use the toaster instead. It is so much faster and uses less electricity.

Egg and Potato Cups

Grate pre boiled potatoes and add an egg and grated parmesan cheese.  Toss to combine, season with salt and pepper.  Add chopped bacon (optional).  Grate some more cheese on top.  Bake in toaster over for about 15 min at 375F.

(Note:  I didn’t have measurements because I just eyeballed everything.)

Alternately, you could also layer the grated potatoes, then the sliced bacon pieces, and top with an egg. Sprinkle with cheese.  Then bake the whole thing.

And there you have it, breakfast for tomorrow.