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It’s been five days since school officially ended.  It feels more like two weeks – this is a good sign.  We’ve done so much as a family and are looking forward to more fun things to do. 

Seeing that W loves animals and both Z and V are older and have a different appreciation for the zoo, we reinstated the zoo membership.  It has been so great since we are close to the zoo and we love the splash island.  Some days we just go to the water park and then go home.  Some days we visit the animals.  It all depends on weather. 

Before I forget, we’ve also been enjoying sleeping lately.  M has been successful in sleep training W.  It has been 6 nights that she’s been sleeping through the night.  When she cries out, M just talks to her on the monitor and tells her to lie down and go back to sleep. The best part is when she wakes up she is happy.  She just talks to herself and does not get up and call out or cry.  In fact this morning, she fell back asleep after 20 min or so of talking to herself.  M and I got to shower and get ready. 

And where were Z and V the entire time?  Well, yesterday we got back into working with Perler beads.  Cyclops took me an hour and a half to make last night.  So when they woke up this morning, they went downstairs and got to work.  Instead of coming to our room and waking us up they chose to work quietly downstairs.  We feel blessed.  

Yesterday, they were both sitting on the floor in their room singing the chorus to the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors.  It was so cute.  M and I were giggling to ourselves listening to them. And it was all because we watched World of Dance with FikShun.  

In less than a week, we will be flying to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for a week of all inclusive vacation. I can’t wait.  It will be so nice to just relax and play with the kids and not worry about chores at all. 

We’re currently on our way to MakerEd TO, happening down at the Lower House of the York School.  M is presenting with his colleague on how to choose the right bots for your classroom. 

The kids are at daycare so we are in a maker date.  So excited!!!


Last Day

Do your kids go stir crazy when they stay indoors for a long time?  Mine do.  Honestly, it’s like they have all this cooped-up energy that needs to be released.  They start getting giddy and silly, wrestling each other, or worst yet, they start making inappropriate humour. (Don’t ask me what – but it usually has something to do with potty humour.)

As I type this, they are sitting across from me, with orange Cheetos fingers.  Licking them and savouring the salty, cheesy powder that remains after you’ve gone through the entire bag.  I used to do that as a kid, too.  Keep the powder intact on your finger pads, careful not to accidentally scrape it off or lick it, for fear that you will not have a thick slab to enjoy at the end of the bag.

I am so amazed by this moment.  It has been lasting for about 38 minutes now.  Lunch was mashed potatoes, creamed spinach (which the kids devoured) and leftover turkey.  Oh, and Cheetos as a side snack.  They got silly at one point, dancing to the music from the radio, but finished their meal after all.  I actually enjoyed my meal with them.


I came across this book at Winners while christmas shopping for my family.  When I saw this, I immediately thought of M.  It is the perfect cookbook for him as there is minimal amount of words.  Literally, the only words are the labels for the ingredients.  In fact, Z is reading through it right now.  It’s funny listening to him read all the different alcoholic beverages and asking if kids can drink it.  I had to explain to him that if there’s any alcohol at all in the beverage, kids cannot have it.  I did tell him that if you remove the alcohol, it will still taste good.

So, after perusing the pages of the book, Z decides to prepare a beverage for M.  He chooses Greek Frappe.  M likes the idea.  He saw that we had a metal shaker so he wanted to make a drink that uses it.  Why not?  No one stood by him while he made the drink.  He got all the ingredients himself, the measuring spoons and just did it.  M and I were very impressed.  I was right!  Even a 7 yo can make something out of this book.

Along with the crafting, Z finds some comfort talking to Cognisaur.  He’s a share toy from M and I for Hanukkah.  They talk to him every so often, asking questions and listening to stories.  It’s such a great toy because it’s interactive and the software gets regular updates so the content changes – unlike the Hatchimal.

Tomorrow is back to school for M and V. Z gets one more day off.  Then it’s back to the grind.  I leave you with this picture for now.