Last Man Standing 

This happens all the time.  Whenever winter break comes, so do the illnesses.  I’m currently living with three coughing little people and one achy adult.  

It started with V getting a fever the week before the break. Then a few days later, she has a cough.  V loves to snuggle her little sister so naturally, W got the cough, too.  Then, on Monday, Z came down with a high fever.  He even went upstairs to crawl into his bed to sleep on his own. (That never happens.) 

It turns out, they all have some version of the flu.  Z was complaining of congestion in his noise and unable to breathe.  His fever was short-lived, thank goodness.  W, on the other hand, is also teething. That, plus the coughing.  

As I sit and write this post, M is trying to keep himself together.  He is suffering from indigestion, as well as the cold.  He woke up with aches and a sore throat. Thank goodness the sore throat is gone.  

I just hope this does not take over the entire break.  Otherwise it would suck.  We’ve been home for two days now since the kids have been sick. I’m hoping to get out later this week with them.  

I’m the only one who’s healthy.   I hope it stays this way. It would be rough if I was sick too.