First Day Back

It’s 3:25pm. I’m sitting at the turnabout, waiting to pick up V. I’m early.  Just like I was this morning. I’ve been running on adrenaline since this morning. I can feel the exhaustion slowly setting in as my day unwinds. I still have to get through dinner and bedtime. I think I can make it. 

As expected my room was a mess. This was just one part of my room.  I had a stack of chart paper on my desk and there were things strewn around the classroom in corners and shelves.  The hall pass has gone missing and there is no sign-out sheet for the classroom.  The pencil sharpener is missing and the hole puncher is broken. Basically, it feels like Sept and I have to setup my room and clean.  Everything is covered in dust.  

On the plus side, I had a great time doing math with my kids and I got to know some of their names. I started them on some mental Math strategies working with percentages.  The feedback was good – some kids told me that things were starting to make sense to them.  I also have the ones who stare because they’re just lost.  I’ve got to work on those ones. 

Hitting the sack early tonight.  Too zonked to do anything else.  Not even watch tv.