It’s a Good Thing

I’ve been up since 4:45am.  W decided to wake up and roll around the bed, climbing on top of me to go over and call dada – even though he’s deaf to world as he’s asleep.  After about 30 min of nursing her back without much luck, I strap her onto the Tula.  She’s finally out.  Took 15 min to settle. 

But now I’m up for the day.  It’s a good thing I went to bed super early.  I think I was asleep by 9pm – haven’t done that in a while.  Reminds me of  how I felt at the end of the first day of teaching in my first year.  I literally was exhausted – mentally and physically.  Well, this time, it was just physical.  

Seeing I didn’t do any planning last night, I’m going to just have to wing it again today. I think I’ll do some more mental Math strategies They liked learning about percentages. I have to get clarification on how to move forward with each class anyway since I’m still unclear about what needs to be done still. 

So, I kind of liked being up early because I got a lot of things done. 

1. Emptied dishwasher 

2.  Prep breakfast 

M3. Made coffee for both of us

4.  Loaded the bags into the car

5.  Did my hair and makeup without anyone under my elbow

6.  Packed lunch bags into backpacks. 

But unfortunately, M didn’t sleep from 5:30 am and on.  So it may not happen again.  Besides, I won’t be able to go to sleep super early today because I have to tutor.  And lunches have to still be made.  And I’ve got some work to do to prep for the rest of the week. 


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