No News is Good News

My poor W has laryngitis.  It started on her first day at daycare. The crying definitely does not help and it’s unfortunate that she’s been sick for a good while now.  Wednesday, at pickup time, she looks so puffy from crying – a sad face. I kept her home yesterday and today since she had a fever. Turns out infant laryngitis is croup.  Nothing to do about it.  Doctor visit just confirmed it.  I’m hoping she’ll be healthy on Monday. We finally got a gate installed upstairs. It’s such a relief since we don’t have to worry about she falling off the stairs at all.  

Today, V and I got haircuts.  Mine was long overdue and it felt so good to have my hair trimmed and textured. Just befor I was about to get it cut, I asked the stylist how shirt my hair would be if I cut off  8″. So I went for a medium bob.  I kept the hair and am going to be donating it for a cancer cause.  I feel good.  Besides, it’s just hair and it will grow back. 

In other things, we’ve decided to bring the play kitchen back up so the kids can play with it more.  And I have to say, W loves it!  I have all these ideas of upgrading it- including building shelves out of cardboard for the food to go since the kitchen is tight in space. 

See, even daddy is having fun!


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