Hooray, we did it!! 

 The morning was tense for me as it was Ws first day away from me.  I dropped her off after V since we were running late.   We arrived at the daycare at 9:30am and W was good until I said goodbye.  She got upset but found out she settled within 15 min and happily ate snacks.  
On the drive home I was determined to be productive.  It was my mission to purge my wardrobe and so I did. I was ruthless.  The only items I didn’t get to tackle were my socks and tees.  I did pants and tops and dresses.  Sixty empty hangers later,   I had a neat and organized closet. It felt so good. Now the hangersndo not crowd and I can clearly see what I have.

While I was purging my closet, I also tidied up the hallway or linen closet. I managed to free up two more shelves and so I will be moving the bedding into there this week.  Along the way, I also cleaned and organized the bathroom. It only took me 3.5 hours to do all that.  But boy, did I feel so productive!!!

All day I was thinking of W and trying hard not to worry.  I also had to tell myself not to Call or text or check up on her. I kept myself busy enough that I made it till the end of the day.  Tomorrow I’m going to tackle other areas. Maybe the playroom.  Well see.  


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