Only Mama Will Do

Ok so our night out happened.  We managed to get through three parent teacher interviews tonight. They were good. On the other hand, W woke at 8:11pm, less than and hour after we left.  

Nothing would calm her down.  Rocking on chair, standing, singing. She just wanted her mommy.  By the time we got home, she was still crying. In fact, we could hear her shrieking from downstairs as I took off my coat. 

She’s finally asleep now.  When I picked her up and bounced her, she had so much gas from crying that she had three huge burps.  It took about 25 min to settle her back to sleep.  All she wanted was to nurse a lot.  She wouldn’t stop until she was satisfied. 

I hope she sleeps for a longer stretch tonight. She must be exhausted. 


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