I’ll Miss My Baby

W has discovered she could stick her finger in her nostril.  Can you see that mischievous smile? When I make a funny sound to indicate that I’m appalled, she giggles. Oh, I’m so going to miss seeing that face and spending time with her. But alas, I have to go back to work. 

I snuck into our bed to lie down and relax, after binge watching Jane the Virgin downstairs.  She was snoring away before she stirred. I think she smells me. I forget that we are also animals and so it would make complete sense that she can smell me beside her. She’s back asleep now. 

Tonight is the first night in a long while since we’ve had a babysitter. We’re attending parent-teacher interviews for Z.   The last night out didn’t go so well. M and I were at our couples massage and W wouldn’t settle with the sitter after waking up. And to top things off, the other two kids were not even asleep when W started crying.  Yeah, we rushed home after the massage.

It feels like a date.  That’s how long ago it has been.  For a moment when I was nursing W and I thought she was ready for M, she started crying. We started to panic thinking W knew what was going on tonight. That she would definitely be a rough time while we were out.  It turns out W just wasn’t ready to go M yet. Thank goodness.  

Even though it’s not a long time we’re out for, at least we’re out together. 


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