Typical Day with a Toddler

The day started out very foggy but also very mild.  By the afternoon,the temperature had risen to  14 degrees Celsius.  I couldn’t get over how nice it was.  Even V wanted to play outside after school. I let her scoot around in the courtyard.  We rolled down the car windows partway on the drive home and the girls loved having the wind blow through their hair. 

On our drives to and from school, we listen to a Sharon, Lois and Bram CD I bought at Walmart.  I didn’t grow up here so I wasn’t familiar with any of their songs cut I bought it because I thought the kids would like it.  And they do.  Funny enough, M remembers listening to them during his childhood.  V likes singing along to some of them and I’m impressed with her ability to remember the lyrics.  She’s always been good at remembering things – like when she’s heard a story multiple times she can retell it herself.  

W and I did usual thing this morning – going to the PFLC.   She gravitated to the easel with the paintbrushes the minute she saw it.  She was about to put the brush in her mouth when I caught her just in time. It ended up on her cute button nose instead 

It’s too bad I’m going back to work in less than two weeks because I really enjoy taking her to the centre and watching her interact with others and her surroundings. I can’t believe she’ll be in daycare soon. I’m really going to miss her! I know she’s ready for daycare because she can self-feed and gets along well with others.  W really enjoys the social interactions.  


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