Sick Again

I want winter to be over.  I really do.  I hate being sick.  Even more so, I hate it when the kids are sick.  Well, this time, it’s V and W.  Last night was another rough night disguised as a wakeful and playful one.  W woke for the third time around 11 pm and didn’t settle until about 2am.  I ended falling asleep in the chair. 

This morning she was so upset in the car. She coughed so much that she vomited all over her jacket and the car seat buckle. M had to clean her up and while he was doing that she vomited again and luckily he caught it in his hand.  She was so exhausted after that ordeal she was quiet the rest of the ride.  We skipped the PFLC this morning since she wasn’t feeling well.  But she fell asleep even before we got home. I took her out of the car anyway, hoping to nap her at the usual time. 

Poor girl.  She was so tired I felt bad waking her.  We managed to walk to the mall to return some library books and get groceries.  By the time we got back it was almost 11am. W had no appetite so I just nursed her whenever she got fussy.  I offered water when I could to keep her hydrated.  Her nose wouldn’t stop running. 

Nap time seemed relatively easy with her falling asleep almost immediately.  Inwent downstairs to eat something and have some me time.  But just a few minutes after I left her, I looked in the monitor to find her sitting up.  So back upstairs I went.  I ended up lying down and nursing her back. 

W woke from her nap miserable and very warm. She had a fever and was uncomfortable. The only thing that calmed her down was nursing.  Her face was flushed and red – nose running with clear mucus.  She had a couple of days when she was almost healthy and now this.  

Staying home with a sick baby isn’t fun and makes for a very long day. I try to enjoy her as much as possible, knowing that she’ll be going to daycare in two weeks, and, I, to work in three.  Sigh.  I’m going to miss her when I go back to work.  


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