A Bust

Last night was rough. W fussed almost all night and she wouldn’t even settle for nursing a few times.  I’m at a lost as to what’s going on.  So M and I made a decision to move W back in with us.  She’s been in our bed for at least two weeks and is taking up space so we just reattached her crib to my side of the bed. We also brought the rocker back, too.  

I know what you’re thinking, what? She’s back in your room? Yeah. I know.  I know.  I just love our babies so much.  Seven years of not sleeping through the night, what’s one more?  Anyways we will see how this works out this time.  She’s woken three times so far. Maybe the rest of the night will be better.  

Yesterday, W did a marathon nap midday.  Because she had an earlier wakeup and a rough night, she was very fussy.  I had planned to take her to the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre but it was closed.   I know, of all the days, it was closed today!  So I took W back home. I think she was disapppointed because she started crying when I had to turn around and walk back to the car. Tomorrow I will take her to the Early Years Centre.  

Both naps were short and W spent a lot of time walking around, getting into drawers and making a mess.  She’s lately starting to really enjoy climbing the stairs. And she’s so proud of it too. 

I’m hoping to nap her around midday tomorrow and try to stick to the same schedule from now on.  Wish me luck. 


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