Back to the Grind

Today is the first day I feel almost normal.  No headaches.  Just dry throat and some coughs.  I drove M and V to school today.  But we left a little earlier so M could get to school earlier to do some work.  We had time to spare so I took the girls to Shoppers Drug Mart to return two boxes of flu medicine that we didn’t end up needing.

I let W loose since the store just opened and was fairly quiet.  It is so entertaining to watch her touch, admire and ogle over everything colourful.  At one point, she picked up a box of Smarties and wouldn’t let go at all.  I didn’t try to force it out of her because I didn’t want her to get upset.  So I just let her hold on to it. (I think secretly she knows it’s chocolate inside somehow.)

W walked by herself going in and out of the elevator.  Of course, V and I had to remind her which way we were going since she kept going the opposite direction.  All of a sudden, she spotted a bag of bagels.  That was it!  She dropped the bag of Smarties in exchange for the bagels, turning to me and grunting – indicating that she would like to have some.  And so she did.

By the time we got into the car and were all buckled up, it was 8:43 am.  Perfect timing.  I didn’t want to be waiting too long to drop V off since I wasn’t sure if W would tolerate sitting in the car for long.  It turns out, she stayed awake for the rest of the ride and we had a nap at home.

Her morning nap wasn’t too bad – an hour on her own, and another hour with me holding her.  I got to relax and watch an episode of Jane the Virgin and have a cup of tea.  As usual, when she’s had a great sleep, she always wakes up in a great mood.  Picture this…

I’m holding W in my arms and she is asleep.  She then slowly stirs and opens her eyes.  Sitting up, she leans in close to my face with her mouth open, giving me a kiss, after saying ‘hi’ to me with a smile.  

Now, that’s a wakeup I would enjoy every morning!  Who wouldn’t?

I can’t believe it’s Feb. 6!  While nursing her at bedtime, I was getting sad at the thought of missing her when I go back to work after March Break.  I may not be the first to see some of her milestones anymore as she will be at daycare.  I worry about her nap time since no one will be nursing, rocking, or singing to her there.  I know she will cry and she will be ok.  But maybe I am not going to be ok. Sigh.



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