Back from the Dead (almost)

After the flu hit me on Thursday night, I was unable to resume to normal activities until yesterday.  I even had M drive V to school on Friday just to be safe.  My head was constantly throbbing (as it is now) and my body was all achy.  

Yesterday was the first time I left the house after being sick.  Theee nights in a row of going to bed right after putting the kids to bed, and medicating with Tylenol Cold and Flu, I can say I’m almost at 60%.  But that’s not enough. 

I just finished mopping the kitchen floors as my head throbbed the entire time.  I also broke out into a sweat doing that simple chore. As I nurse W to prepare her for her morning nap, my head continues to throb, but a little less this time. 

I’m thankful that Z and V are amusing themselves in the basement and playing together/side by side, whatever the case is. Although I have to admit that M overheard Z saying to V that he didn’t want to play with her. I just need them to play on their own for another hour. I need time to myself so I’m going to slip out to get groceries after W goes to sleep.  

I look down and see her eyes closed while her nursing slows down. She’s falling asleep. Last night was a exhausting one – she was up for a good while.  I’d say from midnight to about four something. She was wakeful during those times for some strange reason. 

(Ow. My head hurts every time I cough.)

I don’t like being sick as it prevents me from being productive.  The only part I really enjoy (if you want to call it that) is I get to watch my favourite tv series – Jane the Virgin. I accidentally stumbled across this a month ago, looking for a new series to watch. And I’m hooked!


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