It’s My Turn

I rarely take meds. In fact, less than 24 hours after giving birth to W without an epidural and hemorrhaging, I stopped taking painkillers.  I can probably count with the fingers on my hands how many times I’ve self-medicated.  At any rate, I’m lying on our brand new IKEA carpet in the living room.  And this is my view.  

As a mom, you can’t take a sick day off.  I feel helpless lying on the floor, watching my toddler walk around and do her thing. My joints are achy, in addition to my lower back, which has been hurting since W got sick.  

Ws nap started out rough. I couldn’t put her down in the crib. After two tries, I needed to lie down and rest my back so I took her into our bed.  Unfortunately she woke and started crawling around.  I had to take her back to the chair.  This was at 10:50 am.  

From then, it took almost 30 min to settle her back in. I ended sitting in the chair holding her. Around 12:00 noon, I started feeling chilled and very achy.  I was stuck in the chair holding W while she slept. I lasted for another half an hour before moving us to the bed.  We woke at 1 pm.  I was still chilled and even more achy.  

In the end, I still have this face to cherish. 


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