Unexplained Crying

It’s 8:00 am.  W is quiet.  She’s watching Peppa Pig.  I couldn’t think of anything else to calm her down. She’s been crying on and off, but hard, for the last 4 hours. No fever.  Just really miserable cries.  I gave her Motrin a few minutes ago, hoping we can catch some sleep soon. 

W’s night started out well.  M put her to bed after I nursed her. She fell asleep almost immediately – at 6:45pm. As predicted, she woke at around 9:50 pm.  M went to her and tried to settle her.  He wasn’t successful in returning her to the crib without her crying.  So I went to her.  By the time I get her back into the crib, it was close to midnight I think.  

I got to sleep for under 2 hrs when she woke again around 1:30pm.  Her cough sounded bad – like it hurt her chest to cough.  She also vomited a little from coughing.  There was no position that made her comfortable. From then on, she slept on and off until about 4:00am. 

This is when she started crying miserably. It was so sad to hear her crying. M tried.  I tried. She didn’t even want to nurse.  For example I laid her down on our bed to nurse and she’d close her eyes and try to sleep. But then minutes later would burst out crying from unknown reasons. 

I felt helpless. I didn’t know how to make her feel better or stop crying. 

I’m just glad that she’s happier now. I hope she sleeps for her nap. I need it too. 


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