Sleep and Sickness

It has been five days since W got sick with a cough.  A bad cough. We finally took her to the Children’s After Hours Clinic yesterday for a checkup. They prescribed a puffer and that seemed to have solved most of the problem.  She’s coughing a lot less now.  And no more vomiting since.

As for her sleep, there’s some progress and there’s some setbacks.  Last night, I got to sleep more than the past few nights.  I brought her into our bed after she woke up multiple times in the crib.  Although at the beginning of the night in our bed, she was flopping around and I couldn’t sleep – for fear that she will fall off and get hurt.

This morning, she fell asleep in the car as we approach home so I just kept driving.  Maybe it’s the route I took – lots of stop and go, but she only slept for 30 min.  I ended up going grocery store and shopping with her.  By the time we got home, it was 11:30 pm.  Her appetite was back and that’s a good sign.  Then she got tired quickly as she only had a short nap in the morning.  By 12:45pm, she was asleep. On me.

Yes, it’s been a long time since I wore her for her naps.  Those days are long gone and I guess I didn’t see myself doing it anytime soon.  But I did.  Yesterday, we went to IKEA after the doctor and we didn’t bring the stroller but I brought my Yaro Sling wrap with me just in case.  She was tired enough that I was able to nurse her in the family room and rock her in the wrap before venturing out to the rest of the store.

Unfortunately, she had a cough attack just minutes after she fell asleep and she vomited on herself and me.  I didn’t want to take her out and rouse her so I just did the best I could to clean up the mess and keep her in the wrap. (I know, that’s gross, but I didn’t mind it too much as I wanted her to sleep. Besides, I’ve been puked on every single day for the last 5 days. What difference does it make?)  After about 20 min, she fell back asleep.  But it was shortlived.  I ended up napping her again at home for the third time.

Today, I wore her again because I needed to make sure she slept.  M and I used to take turns wearing her – me during the week, and him, on the weekends.  We would lock ourselves in our room with the sound machine and the rocking chair, making sure we had a device to entertain ourselves.  Sometimes the nap would be an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, and sometimes, two or more hours.  Today, it was over two hours.

She started in the wrap and stirred and fussed, wanting to get out, at the 45 min mark. So I nursed her and she stayed asleep.  Then she got off and I just held her in the chair.  I tried to sleep but I wasn’t comfortable.  So I just read my e-book by Lisa See, China Dolls.  (It’s a great read, if you need something new.  Great for a book club, for sure.)

In any case I think she’s almost back to normal. Let’s hope for a restful night.




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