I remember when Pinterest first came out.  You needed to have a special invitation to join.  I was one of the few amongst my friends that signed on to it.  Night after night, I would lie in bed, browsing and pinning.  It was the best thing that ever came along – for me at least.  To this day, Pinterest is my go-to for everything.  From recipes to inspiration for home organization, it has it all.  (I’ll let you in on a secret.  You know how everyone has their thing they do while on the toilet?  Some people play games – AheM, aheM.  Some people read a book, some just surf the web.  Well, I browse Pinterest!)

Okay, now that I’ve made a confessional that may or may not have been TMI, let’s move on.

I love wearing makeup because it makes me feel better.  Honestly, I look tired every morning – and why wouldn’t I?  I’m up all hours of the night going to W.  Being Asian, eye makeup is a huge challenge.  Our lids are not shaped the same way, and eyeshadows don’t stay on like they normally do for most women.  At the end of the day, I usually look like a racoon.  So, I turn to Pinterest for some makeup tips – from brushes to techniques.

My makeup brush collection is a bit of hodge podge.  My very first one was from Bodyshop – a face brush.  I also have a set of eye makeup brushes from EcoTools I bought online from Well. Then there’s the single brushes from Shoppers Drug Mart – Anabelle, Quo and Revlon.  Honestly, I still have trouble telling which brushes are used for what.  So again, I turn to Pinterest because there, you can find tons of visual guides that identify the plethora of makeup brushes. So, I’ve decided to label my brushes using M’s Brother Label Printer.  It makes everything look so much better!

And then there’s also the cleaning part.  I’m lazy when it comes to cleaning the brushes.  Why?  I don’t use them daily so I feel that they’re not that dirty.  But I know I’m wrong because I just cleaned my brushes today, and they were dirty. I had to just do with cleaning using a Dawn/vinegar/water solution and rinsing in water in the meantime.  Since I couldn’t locate any hot glue guns, I have to wait until M comes home to make the makeup brush cleaning pad.  This one is actually pretty clever, I have to say.  So I can’t wait to make it.

I found this clear plastic box from a box of Ferrero Rocher  chocolates that I was going to throw out.  Then I had an idea to use it instead for my cleaning pad.




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