Bragging Rights

Today was another exhausting day.  We kept Z at home to make sure he fully recovers for school next week.  At one point, he started complaining about his tooth hurting and he was moaning and crying.  Good news though – no more vomiting.  And, he ate some dinner – mashed potatoes and ground beef patty. While V was out at a birthday party with M, we watched The Croods.  I took W up for bed early since she only had less than 2 hours of nap for the whole day.

Other than W using the potty for number two, she also is very good at communicating with us, even though she still doesn’t have words.  She uses a lot of pointing, grunting, and rocks her body back and forth to signal a YES.  Our bedtime routine is pretty consistent.  Brush teeth, wash hands, change diaper, sleeper, then sleep sack.  After, we either do nurse first (if she is fussy) or books first, then we nurse for the night with lights out.

While I tidied up the room and put her dirty clothes in the hamper, I asked her to choose some books for bedtime.  I have a box of board books on the floor beside the rocker that she can access.  I watch as she picks the books – Goodnight Kisses, Goodnight, I Love You, and Goodnight Gorilla.  I just realized now that they are all Goodnight books!  She carefully placed each book on the ottoman of the rocker and gave me a look to say she’s ready.  Then, she surprises me even more by picking up Goodnight Kisses and handing it to me, indicating she wanted that one read first.

I can only imagine when she starts talking! She is such a smart cookie.  We tried teaching her sign language but she seems to have her own way of communicating with us.



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