Hanging in Here

9:23 pm.  I’m sitting in the rocking chair, holding W, again.  I went to her at 8:26 pm, got her settled and back  in the crib. I was in the midst of enjoying a delicious slice of carrot cake I baked earlier. 

(At this point I feel like just bringing W in to our bed just so I can get some sleep. But maybe I should wait.  It’s just that I’m starting to ache from sitting in the chair and holding her for hours on end.)

I’m on my own tonight from 4:30 pm today.  M is at a Raptor’s game till late.  I had all three kids for dinner and bedtime.  Dinner was quick and easy – a teriyaki chicken bowl with broccoli and rice.  I even managed to make a carrot cake from scratch.

It’s been over a week since W moved to her new room.  The last couple of nights have been so exhausting with me going to W all hours of the night.  Once you’ve tasted sleep, it’s hard losing it again. I’m not sure why she’s waking a lot.  It’s also become increasingly challenging to put her in the crib without her waking and crying.  The I end up  holding her some more until I fall asleep in the  chair for a hour or so.

M suggested just letting her cry and go back to sleep on her own and not go to her at all. Well I tried that tonight and she just kept crying harder. By the time I picked her up she was so upset that she started coughing and gagging from crying so hard. That was less than ten minutes, too.

Some good things. We finally have a couple of gates up on the main floor so I’m able to let W walk around without worrying she’ll fall down stairs.  The shoes I ordered from Sears before the holidays just came today!  And they didn’t fit so now I need to figure out how to return an online purchase.   

At one point, just after V came home and M was getting ready to leave, I was also preparing dinner. Z was going to be home before 5 do I needed to get the food ready.  I tore off a large sheet of paper, squirted some poster paint on it and let the girls paint.  I took off Ws clothes and let her paint naked. 

W enjoyed herself so much it was comical to watch her.  She even have herself a moustache.  It looks like a lot of cleanup but in fact, it wasn’t.  Baby: tub wash. Floor: tear off masking tapes sheets and mop. Voila!

(Gotta go put W down. I’m going to try and rest before the next  I feel like a rough night is ahead of me. No rest for mama tonight. Sigh.)


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