Today, M had PD Day – Report Card Writing Day, really.  But since he enjoys my company so much, he decided not to go into school.   As a parent of three young children, anyone knows that it’s impossible to get anything productive done with them around.  (Ok, maybe impossible is a little harsh.) So, we decided to do some tidying and cleaning while W was napping.

Of course, I was on my toes the whole time, expecting her to wake up anytime while we were in the midst of a very productive morning.  She had woken up twice, at 4:30 am, and then at 5:30 am, after M had gone to her.  Then she finally woke at 7am, with M holding her in his arms.  I guess she must’ve been tired from a broken sleep.  Although I have to say that she didn’t wake until 2:30 am.  That’s the longest stretch of sleep she’s had ever.

It’s 12:45 pm.  She JUST woke up.  That’s a little over three hours of sleep for a nap!  This makes me SO SO SO HAPPY!!!  You don’t understand.  Finally, some good sleep.  It has been five days since I moved W into her own room.  I would say her sleep has been improving a little each day.  Yesterday for nap, she slept in the crib without waking for almost two hours!  I think I found her new sleep window – between 9:30 and 10:15 am. Past that, she is too tired and might have a short nap.

I’m trying to keep the routine the same each time.  For nap, I may or may not read a book or two, depending on how she feels.  If she is too tired and fussy, I skip it altogether.  Three things I always do is put her thin sleep sack on, turn on the sleep machine and the humidifier.  For night time, we put on sleeper and a thicker sleep sack (Aiden and Anais) do two books, turn off the lights and nurse with songs.  If its’ a good night, she’s usually asleep within 20 min.

This is our third try at getting things right with sleep.  I think it’s going to be okay.  Maybe M and I might be able to go on date nights again soon.  I’m glad I moved her out sooner than later.  It will also make it an easier transition back to work for me as I might be getting more sleep than when she’s in our bed.  (M admitted the other day that he misses her in the bed.  I do, too, but I’m sleeping better without her.)



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