How do you fall asleep?

Ok, we all have our ways of falling asleep.  As a child, I remember my mom or nanny patting our tushes to help us fall asleep.  M used to get his back rubbed by his parents.  As a parent, our older kids definitely have their own sleep associations.  

Our house has supercreaky floors so it was inevitable that we purchased and used a sound machine to help out.  Come sleeptime in our house, sleep machines turn on.  Z and V share a room and they have one.  We’ve been singing to them since they were little – probably 4 yrs at least.  

The usual four songs in the same order – I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Sometimes You Win, Hey Dum Diddle Dee Dum, Tommy Thumb.  Then when one of the kids would take longer to fall aslee, we’d start at the beginning again.  Recently I’ve decided to add two more songs to the repertoire to avoid repetition. 

We’ve converted Sandra Boynton’s The Going-to-Bed Book into sing-song.  And the last one is You Are My Sunshine. Sometimes, I’ll admit, they’re not always asleep by the end of the six songs but we leave anyway and tell them we’ll check on them in 5 min. We never do and they’re always asleep by then.

Lately, both kids have been asking us to lie down with them in their beds.  The six songs have come in handy.  After three songs, we go and lie with the other kid.  It also prevents us from falling asleep in their bed. Funny enough, just last week, we completely put a stop on Vs long list of things she needs to help her fall asleep.  

1.  Massage hands and fingers

2. Rub back

3. Pinch back and armpits 

4. Scratch back. 

Seriously, by the time I’ve done all of those, I’m ready to fall asleep myself !  Lol.  

W nurses to sleep.  In the last two days though she has started rubbing her hair while nursing and trying to fall asleep.  It’s cute. Oh, lets not forget the rocking on the chair, too.  (The night she vomited all over the chair and he cushions had to get cleaned, I had no chair to sit on.  My back was hurting from sitting on the bed and trying to rock her.)

Because we cosleep, we also have a sound machine in our room.  This drowns out a lot of the noises the other kids make when I’m putting W to bed at night. In fact, I find it hard to fall asleep when it’s total silence.  So when we travel, we also take sound machines with us. 

As for myself, I pick on seams or the corners of pillowcases.  It’s a comforting feeling for me – the steady and rhythmic clicks when my nail picks on the stitching.  I know it sounds weird but I’m sure there are other people that do this. 

As for M, he needs to have a tshirt over his eye to fall asleep.  

What about you? How do you fall asleep?


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