It’s currently 9:23pm.  If I was at home I’d be asleep snoring already if I was in bed. Instead, I’m lying on a king-sized bed, wide awake, with so many thoughts running in my head. I thought  to write this post in the hopes of helping my decompress my brain. 

Before the attempt of trying to go to sleep, I was reading my sister, Lori’s blog – Project Meal Prep. I liked reading the posts because it lets me get to know her better.  She’s thirteen years younger than me so we didn’t really get to hang out much.  Also, she moved to San Francisco and lived there for a while. And now she’s moving to London, England.  

Another reason why I can’t sleep is because I have a  song stuck in my head – I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner.  I watched the rerun of Dick Clark’s NYE countdown this morning.  I also like the song. 

M is snoring away. The kids have been asleep since 8:00pm.  I really should try and sleep so I can wake up feeling refreshed.  Also trying to decide what to do tomorrow with the kids.  

Escape Room?

Movie – Sing?



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