Potty Training

When W was an infant, we used to stick her on the potty to poo.  It was almost ritual – after a feed, she would go in the diaper.  So we decided to just put her on anyway. 

She’s 13 months today and I still put her on the potty. For a while, I would catch her grunting and race her to the potty.  If she started I’d still put her on.  I would always show her the poo as I flushed it down the toilet. 

Yesterday I caught her grunting so got ready the IKEA potty but she didn’t want to use that one. I took her upstairs and let her use the potty ring on the toilet seat. And guess what? She did it!

The only time she pooed in the diaper is if we are out and we dont have access to a potty for her.  It’s crazy how they understand so much even though they still don’t speak.  I’m anticipating an easy transition to underwear.  


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