Meats and More Meats

Today, we woke to a lot of snow again.  I had offered to drop M off at school so he wouldn’t have to walk in the snow. It’s about 6 inches deep.  The drive to Vs school was longer than usual, even with the detour.  Nevertheless I got her to school a few minutes after nine.  But of course, baby W was getting impatient. So I made a stop at our favourite Korean grocery store – Galleria. 

At our house, we love meat.  Galleria has the best quality meats we’ve seen for a reasonable price.  Their butchery puts out great cuts of meat and because it’s an Asian store, there’s a wide selection of animal bones. The cold weather always makes me feel like soup so I bought a few trays of beef and pork bones for soup making.  Beef Chuck Rib and pork belly were also on sale.

Here’s what I bought. (Pardon W’s hand. She thinks everything is a toy.  LOL)

Here is what I’ve planned for each of the meats.

Beef Tendons – sous vide in a curry sauce

Short Rib Bones – roast and make beef Pho broth (mmm…)

Chuck Rib – sous vide with Korean BBQ Sauce and then sear to finish (reduce the juice to a thick sauce to drizzle over)

Pork Bones – make Gamjatang (Korean Pork Bone Soup – my favourite!)

Pork Belly – sous vide with a soy garlic marinade and sear

Stay tuned to see the finished dishes!



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