Lush Delivery

Before we had kids, we used to partake in marketing research sessions.  It’s s great way to earn extra cash and try new products.  Sometimes, you get stuff for free.  With three kids, its a little more difficult to get out and participate.  But back in December last year, I got lucky can received a call for an online marketing research.  I was excited.

All I needed to do was answer a series of questions online – three days worth.  There must’ve been at least 30 questions altogether.  It was about beauty products.  After a while, it was hard out figure out what the question was really trying to ask.  I made it through the end though.

As it turned out, the client was LUSH.  The compensation was either $85 cash or $125 in LUSH gift card.  I took the latter.  There was some mix up and I never received the email at the right time – it was 3 weeks late.   Nevertheless, I received an e-gift card for $125.  I placed the order last Friday and received the goodies today.  I’m so excited about the Rainbow bath product.  It smells SOOO YUMMY.  Even W took a bite out of the end – it smells better than it tastes!

This is my next favourite item and I just had to put it on W.  Doesn’t she look adorable?


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