Last Day

Do your kids go stir crazy when they stay indoors for a long time?  Mine do.  Honestly, it’s like they have all this cooped-up energy that needs to be released.  They start getting giddy and silly, wrestling each other, or worst yet, they start making inappropriate humour. (Don’t ask me what – but it usually has something to do with potty humour.)

As I type this, they are sitting across from me, with orange Cheetos fingers.  Licking them and savouring the salty, cheesy powder that remains after you’ve gone through the entire bag.  I used to do that as a kid, too.  Keep the powder intact on your finger pads, careful not to accidentally scrape it off or lick it, for fear that you will not have a thick slab to enjoy at the end of the bag.

I am so amazed by this moment.  It has been lasting for about 38 minutes now.  Lunch was mashed potatoes, creamed spinach (which the kids devoured) and leftover turkey.  Oh, and Cheetos as a side snack.  They got silly at one point, dancing to the music from the radio, but finished their meal after all.  I actually enjoyed my meal with them.


I came across this book at Winners while christmas shopping for my family.  When I saw this, I immediately thought of M.  It is the perfect cookbook for him as there is minimal amount of words.  Literally, the only words are the labels for the ingredients.  In fact, Z is reading through it right now.  It’s funny listening to him read all the different alcoholic beverages and asking if kids can drink it.  I had to explain to him that if there’s any alcohol at all in the beverage, kids cannot have it.  I did tell him that if you remove the alcohol, it will still taste good.

So, after perusing the pages of the book, Z decides to prepare a beverage for M.  He chooses Greek Frappe.  M likes the idea.  He saw that we had a metal shaker so he wanted to make a drink that uses it.  Why not?  No one stood by him while he made the drink.  He got all the ingredients himself, the measuring spoons and just did it.  M and I were very impressed.  I was right!  Even a 7 yo can make something out of this book.

Along with the crafting, Z finds some comfort talking to Cognisaur.  He’s a share toy from M and I for Hanukkah.  They talk to him every so often, asking questions and listening to stories.  It’s such a great toy because it’s interactive and the software gets regular updates so the content changes – unlike the Hatchimal.

Tomorrow is back to school for M and V. Z gets one more day off.  Then it’s back to the grind.  I leave you with this picture for now.


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