Cough Attack

It’s one thing to be sick.  It’s another thing when your little kids are sick.  But what happens when a toddler is sick?  My poor little baby has the cough.  She’s been coughing for about a week now.  Except this time it seems worse – like more often and harder.

At nap time, I had to hold her for about an hour, otherwise she would just wake up.  She has a runny nose as well.  She drinks water and breastmilk but her appetite is small.  Today, at bedtime, she coughed so hard as she was falling asleep and vomitted all over the rocking chair.  Her dinner and lots of liquid was all over the floor as well.  The other kids and M were grossed out. (Bless him, he cleaned it all up quickly – even though it made him gag.)

By the time she fell asleep, it was 8:35.  I just hope she has a decent sleep tonight.


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