Look What We Made!

About three weeks ago I went to Home Depot to return something. It was a mounting strips pack that cost me $7.90. It was meant to hold objects up to 1kg on a wall but it wasn’t even sticky. I learned that they take returns with no questions asked if you’re unsatisfied with the product.  I was so happy. 

While browsing around the store, I came across a shopping cart fillled with empty 3M boxes.  They felt very sturdy and had dimensions that could easily lend to different interesting projects.  Immediately I thought of making a light pendant with one. 

It turned out pretty good considering I did it on the fly. The next time I make one, I would measure and cut differently so that I could evenly space out the cutouts.  

The other thing I immediately thought of was a stuffy apartment. We have a few small stuffed animals and I pictured eight little doors that lead to eight little homes.  I saw some ideas on Pinterest way back while browsing for ideas on diy advent calendars. 

It’s still in its initial stages and requires more finishing touches. I’m thinking of painting it white and stamping it with a brick pattern.  We were able to shingle the roof the house with some circles cut out from a used gift bag.  

What have you made with used cardboard that’s cool?


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