Every Minute Counts

As a mom, your time cannot be anymore limited.  I’m talking minutes.  After W fell asleep at 10:30am, I rushed back downstairs to finish folding the laundry I started earlier. I got to also remove my old nail polish off my fingers.  That’s 25 min into her nap and she sits up.  

I go up and extend her sleep. Literally I lay her back down and let her nurse and slowly sneak out on e she’s fallen back asleep. Then I quickly steal a shower. And while I’m at it I run the stopwatch, curious to see how long I really take in the shower. As it turns out, it’s less than 8 minutes.  Impressive. 

(I’m also multitasking as of this moment. With a towel wrapped around my head, in the midst of moisturizing myself, I try to write part of this post before she wakes. The kids and M are out. I sent them to donate a bunch of stuff from our first decluttering attempts.)

I’ve got a few things I’m aiming to accomplish before she wakes. 

  1. Get ready for the day – includes hair and makeup
  2. Trim nails
  3. Call bank
  4. Prepare lunch

After lunch we are going to an indoor playground with some friends. I think Z and could really use an outlet for their extra energy.  Z just wants to kick and bounce balls around – even at 8:30 am or 6:30 pm. 

So Bunches of Fun was a success.  All the three kids got to burn energy and we headed to Yorkdale Mall to pick up a few things and nap W. 

All in all, a productive and fun day for everybody. 


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