Wide Awake

2:45 am  I’m wide awake. W is beside me snoring away, after nursing briefly for a few minutes.  I’ve lost M to the other two.  

Let me rewind a bit. 

2:00 am. I wake from a bad dream.  Someone is chasing after me because they think I’ve stolen groceries.  And I’ve no receipt because I purchased it a while back.  Then I see flashes of light from the parent audio monitor.  Uh oh. The kids are awake.  How can this be?

M goes outside to investigate.  Yup. They are awake.  Z thinks it is wakeup time since he has no clock to check with. He doesn’t believe M until he shows him the time on his iPhone.  In the meantime, they go use the potty – might as well while they’re awake. He has to go sleep with them on the wafer-thin sofa bed. 

Homewood Suites at this location sucks, I’m sorry.  We’re not very impressed by it for a few reasons. 

1. No hot chocolate or popcorn packs.  What?! That’s unheard of.  They always had them. We had to walk over next door to ask for some.  

2.  Cloudy pool water and mildewy smell in the pool room.  I was actually missing the chlorine smell this time.  It’s like the comforting feeling of knowing something is actually clean. 

3. Crappy sofa bed. No. Really.  If you saw and felt the mattress yourself, you would say the same.  Maybe even worse.  Even the kids didn’t want to sleep on it.  I bet that was the real reason why they woke up at 2:00 am.  Discomfort.  

4.  Old Tylenol and Ibuprofen bottles left behind. This one was worrisome.  M and the kids discovered this accidentally when they were searching around in the kitchen for hot chicolate and popcorn packs.  They found them in the cabinet above the microwave. It led M to believe that either the housekeeping does not do a thorough job or the room has been unoccupied for a while.  Neither is good news 

5.  The king bed does not feel as comfortable as I remember it. M and I prefer firm mattresses.  This was ever since we discovered them while staying at a hotel in the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany.  That was the best part about coming back to the hotel. I personally do not like the bed moving whenever someone moves. It’s not peaceful.  

So, on that note, I’m going to try to fall back asleep now that it is  3:14 am.  I hope Z and V actually went back to sleep and that Ms back isn’t too sore when he wakes later.  


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