“Home and Sweets”

Happy New Year!  

We let the kids stay up until about 10:15 – watching Dick Clark’s New Years Countdown.  At that point, we made a decision to put them to bed because they were yawning nonstop and also W woke up. We crossed our fingers and hoped they’d sleep in. 

And do you think they did? 


(Bring on the tears now.)

M had to go into their room and this time, it was V, who turned the light on.  She’s 5.  So, all she knows is that, when the clock says “7”, it’s time to wake up.  I guess she didn’t hear us say, 8:30, for today.  Even Z told her that it’s not 7 because they went to bed late. 

Oh well.  

We had breakfast as usual.  Then I got it in my head that we needed a staycation – our usual Homewood Suites. Except V used to call it “Home and Sweets”.  We like it here – pool, free breakfast and comp weekday snacks (which is actually enough to feed the kids usually).  

This time, our drive takes us only 15 min from our home. We packed hurriedly, making sure to pack swim stuff and just a change or two of clothes.  Kids, of course, love packing and want to pack everything. So I had to say no to a few things – like extra bathing suit, 5 stuffies, and lots of toys. 

(They don’t get it. It’s a two-day getaway.)

Look at these faces.  How can you say no to anyone of them?  Really.  

We went for a swim as soon we got here.  The pool was a little cloudy though – a salt water one I learned. After a quick wash in the tub, I napped W in the king bed. 


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