As parents of small children, you never get to sleep in.  The extent of sleeping in is 6:30 am.  Our kids are 7, 5, 1.  Z and V share a room and there’s been many mornings when M has to go into their room to quiet them down or investigate the source of their argument. 

They’ve had separate rooms before but we found that it was noisier with them opening and closing the door and stomping up and down the hall.  Also, we thought it would be better if they just woke up and played together or read quietly.  So M and I dream of sleeping in in the morning but it never happens. 

V and Z did wake up at 6 am this morning and were making noise.  We have cameras on all the kids so we can see exactly what’s going on in their rooms.  So all M had to do was go on the parent monitor and tell them to go back in their beds and read quietly and that was it.  W also woke up early this morning. 

But I nursed her back and she fell asleep.  I woke up at 8:30 am in confusion because it was dead silent upstairs.  No noises from their room. And I look down at W and she’s still asleep. So is M. 

I head downstairs to check on them and they’ve already fed themselves breakfast.  Cereal and milk.  And no one has turned on the tv or touched an electronic device.  

I was so proud at that moment I wanted to scream for joy. Instead I compliment them both 

V also tells me they played in their room until 8, made a big mess, but cleaned it all up after.  True enough I went back upstairs to check and both beds were made nicely.  

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year. In fact we are letting them stay up till 9pm and watch NYE countdowns around the world!  



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