Girls’ Day

Have you ever had one of those days when you don’t get out of your pjs for the whole day?  Well, V and I did today.  Her last day of school was yesterday and they had a pj party.  Fun!

W likes to do her own thing sometimes.  I guess most toddlers can’t sit still.  Our breakfast area looks out onto our deck and we have a clear view of the backyard.  While V and I play with playdoh, W walks around and picks up things here and there, putting them in her mouth. She comes and checks with me once in a while. Several squirrels were on our deck hunting for food.  There were 3 at one point. W found this entertaining.  

Playdoh has been one of many favourite toys amongst our kids.  I still remember Z as a toddler, pretending to be Jamie Oliver and making a salad with playdoh.  I would shape some tomatoes and small vegetables for him to chop up and he would toss everything into a bowl. 
V and I found a mold in our pile of tools that had a gummy bear shape. I got so excited when I saw what it looked like after.  So I had the idea to make 100 for the 100th school day for V.  We’re up to about 40 I think.  They look so delicious.  

If anyone has ever tried having two kids or more and doing something with one, they’ll know that it’s a challenge – especially if the other one is a toddler. So I waited until W was asleep and came down to bake with V. 

We made candy cane butter cookies but I quartered the recipe so I didn’t have a huge batch.  All the ingredients were easy to calculate in my head except for the flour.  3 1/4  cups of flour is really 13/4 so 1/4 of that is 13/16.  Every 4/16 is 1/4 c so there are three 1/4 cups and 1/16 c. (And here’s proof that you need math everyday!)

She enjoyed mixing the ingredients and the food colouring. It was a challenge to roll the dough as they would fall apart as you rolled them. I tried chilling them but that made it too firm to roll. So we just did our best.  

While the cookies baked, I explained to V that we tidy up our work area. She loves washing dishes – I think girls like cleaning in general. She’s happy to sweep, dust, mop – just sometimes I have to go over it again.  

They were light and buttery although didn’t like it too much. The colours were close to what they were before baking – just the bottom flattens out. 

​It’s been two weeks since W started walking. I think she’s really mastered it. She loves to walk and you could see in her face the pride through her smile.  When I’m sitting on floor and she sees me, she would come walking towards me all excited. 
I’m so proud of my kids – they’re all so unique and special in their own ways.  


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