Upcycled Balaclavas 

It is -8 degrees Celsius out today.  Thank goodness there is no windchill factor.  Also the sun is out so that helps. But the one thing is find challenging is dressing infants and toddlers in this weather.  We don’t have. A garage so our car sits out in the cold. Even after 5 min of warming up the car, it’s still freezing.  And they say it’s unsafe to buckle a small child with winter coat.  I wish they made thinner suits for the car – kind of the like the car coats they have for adults.  

Zander has a million hats in the closet but he likes to wear certain ones a lot.  I’ve been wanting to make him one of these and I finally did. It’s a balaclava, which doubles as a hat and a scarf because it’s long enough to also cover the neck.  

This was made using an old sweater and a fleece material. I found the template that fits a 5/6 yo here. I lined mine so it would be reversible. I didn’t get to finish the raw edges on the bottom here.   And I also found it tricky to sew the face hole and flip it inside out. I had to try a few times to get it right. 

V also wanted one but in pink and purple – of course.  So I made her one out of this lavender mink material and a pink cotton sweater I don’t fit anymore. I just love to upcycle things – so good for the environment and my pocket. 

Here’s what the other side looks like.  

I didn’t have a child model as V is in school today and the baby is sleeping. 

It’s not a difficult project to make but definitely a challenge to do reversible. 

If you make this, I’d love to see what you chose for your two fabrics. Happy sewing. 

P.S. The only time I’m able to blog or see or do anything else is when the baby is sleeping.  


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