Sick Day

I don’t know about anyone else, but when one of three kids gets sick, instead of empathizing, the other one just feels unfairness.  That the sick one gets to stay home and watch tv or play on a device all day. 

To be honest I woke up with a headache and was sort of dreading having V home.   W ended up sleeping for 1:20 on her own and I got to cuddle with V for a little.  I let her play Todo Math and Alphabear on my phone while I closed my eyes here and there.  I also got to shower and she took a bath.  

When W woke, I did some light vacuuming and tidying upstairs while V got dressed.  We had lunch and was about to leave for a stroll to the mall when Michael pulled up with his coworker.  It was good that he did because the bugged stroller was way easier to use in the snow. 

We went to the library for a bit and took out a pile of books.  V found 4 Pinkalicious books and 3 Fancy Nancy ones.   It was very sweet of her to think of Z. W was busy cruising and saying hi to other library patrons. Occasionally she would pull out some books. 

After we got home from the mall we got ready for Ws nap. It took a little longer for her to settle this time.  V was in her bed doing quiet activities. We ended up reading 4 of the books from the library during Ws nap.  Unfortunately it was a short one – 35 min.  

I wore W in the Tula on my back just so she’d be with us and safe. V helped me mix the chocolate chip cookie batter.  We used the toaster oven to bake them.  They turned out well except the edges browned quicker than the rest of the cookies.  

While the cookies baked I let the girls watch tv and have a snack. I was preparing dinner at this time and waiting for Michael to come home.  

And yes highlight of the day is W walking on her own. 


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