A Day in the Life 

Toronto got a heavy snowfall yesterday.  And all night it kept falling until this morning.  Michael had to go shovel about 15 cm of snow altogether.  It looked pretty though. 

I packed up the girls in their snowsuit and into the car.  Even W was in her own.  About 5 min into the drive, W started complaining.  I thought it would be short-lived.  But every time I glanced in the baby mirror, I’d see her getting more and more agitated.  I had to take her into the school and nurse her to calm her down. Her hair was drenched in sweat. Poor thing.  So on the way home I stripped her off the snowsuit.  She was much happier. 

While W was napping, I sat down to have a snack.  There were other things to do but I chose to just relax.  No sooner than 20 min after I sat down, I got a phone call from Violet’s school.  She had a fever of 101F. I needed to come pick her up.  Great.  Then 10 min later the baby was up.  

So in the car I go again with the baby.  Michael tells me to make an appointment for V to see her doctor.  So I do.  I got a cancellation for 12:30 pm.  I take the girls to Congee Wong.  Of course I’m the only one who ended up eating.  (V just didn’t have the appetite.  She ate a small amount.  And W was just too distracted by the Xmas ornaments everywhere to eat.  

Off we went to the doctor.  We were doing good time with 30 min to spare. We still needed to find parking at the lot as it’s always so busy there.  Then as I was taking W out of her carseat I noticed a familiar smell.  Horror struck me as I realized that I didn’t have wipes or any diaper!

I had left in such a hurry that I forgot to grab the diaper bag.  I thought to myself, “Don’t panic.  There’s a pharmacy. I’m sure I can buy diapers and wipes there.” Sure enough I was able to obtain what I needed. $30 later for a small pack of pampers and a pack of wipes.  Convenience is expensive.  

The appointment itself lasted much shorter than the wait time. V did have the fever alright.  Too early to tell what it is though.  So I was advised to give her Tylenol and lots of fluids and rest. I really didn’t need to be there. 

Finally we are home.  I decided to feed W now that she’s not distracted.  V sees me feeding her congee  and asks for a bowl as well.  We head upstairs to get ready for a nap after.  I was looking forward to it so much.  V falls asleep without a hitch.  I place W in her crib and laid down as well.  I felt at peace for a moment that the girls were asleep. Then V woke up.  Darn. 

It appears that V was in a good mood.  She was tapping on the blanket and so I gently reminded her to not wake the baby.  Then she started to complain about something in her mouth hurting.  It was very vague and then she freaked out and started crying hard.  That was the end of Ws nap – 40 min.  Two short naps for the baby. Not good.  I still had to survive the afternoon. 

So we head downstairs and I let V watch some tv and have a snack. Just so I can get a break.  Now I’m lying On the couch typing this and feeling exhausted.  I can’t wait to close my eyes. 


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