Birthday Weekend

I can still recall the day my water broke – there was the early morning one, and then the big gush at Zander’s  Hanukkah concert.   I remember people being shocked that I was there.  Willow came fast and furious into this world. It was the shortest active labour I’ve ever had – under two hours.  

That was a year ago. I still can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by. There’s still all the things I wanted to do a year or more ago.  I never had the time to make a scrapbook for the girls. Hopefully I’ll get to it before I have to return to work this time.

It has been busy the last few days.  We had a small party for Willow this afternoon. Just a couple of friends.  Really, it started out as at least 5 families then last minute cancellations due to illnesses.  Willow had fun still. 

Michael got her these crazy balloons – which she totally loved. I made her mini cake for smashing (which she didn’t do) and her bigger cake. I also made her signs. The ONE was made with recycled cardboard, paint, glitter and modpodge.  

I guess now we look forward to hanukkah and Xmas.  


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