My Day so Far…

It’s only 10:38 am but I feel so productive already.  

– attended Violet’s parent-teacher interview this morning

– called Ontario teachers pension (finally!) 

– made payment arrangements for taxes owing 

– made some credit card payments

– cooked rice

– tidied up a little 

The ride home from Vs school was not a good one for W. Firstly, W has never been a fan of car rides. As an infant she would cry so much that I would be apprehensive to drive anywhere with her. (She had a super early wakeup today – 5:20 am. Couldn’t get her back to sleep.) By the time I got her out she was all teary and red-faced. 

In any case, I took her up to our room and got her ready for nap time.  She wouldn’t even tolerate putting on the sleep sack. She was desperate to nurse. Within about 10 min she was fast asleep. 

I made the conscious decision to put her in the crib again because I needed to get things done. So I did.  I initially put on a timer so I could go and slightly rouse her to help her transition into the next sleep cycle. 

But I got caught up and was on the phone and felt productive I didn’t want to stop.  So in the end, she slept for 1:10 on her own. That’s an achievement in its own!!!

And as for last night, she only woke up once – at midnight.  The next wakeup was at 5:20 am. Not bad. I feel encouraged and hopeful. 


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