School Lunches

Ok, I can’t think of a topic that a lot of moms rant about more other than school lunches.  I get it.  I sometimes feel like this as well.

Why. I’ll give you 5 good reasons.

  1. Zander goes to a Hebrew Day School (no meat. Period)
  2. Zander likes his warm foods warm. 
  3. Mac and cheese in a thermos dries out by the time it is eaten. 
  4. Zander is a carnivore. 
  5. Zander most likely will not eat the same food twice in a row. 

Now you might say he’s a picky eater from what it sounds like. Ok, yes he is, to a certain extent. That kid has got the palate of a chef. He can taste garlic and onions. Pieces of gristle and fat he can feel in his mouth.  

On the other hand, he eats hot sauce on his food. He also eats curries.  How many 7-yo kid eats hot sauce or curry?  His palate has also changed quite a bit.  

When he was 3-4 he used to eat salmon sashimi. Not anymore. (Makes me sad coz I love it.). He loves salad though.  So he’s really ok because he’s got a wider variety of foods that he eats compared to most kids his age. 

So long story short, we ordered hot lunch for him twice a week through school just to reduce the anxiety of having to come up with lunches everyday of the week. 

It would be very frustrating because he’d come home with a thermos of Matzo ball soup untouched.  Or tuna sandwich.  And then Michael and I would wonder what he ate all day long. 

I also realized something today.  Packing multiple containers of food in his lunch bag means he has to fish through to see what is inside. He’s missed a few things as a result. 

So yesterday I packed his lunch in a box with compartment so you could see everything in it.  And guess what, he ate 95% of the food in there. And I didn’t pack him a lot of food but there was variety. 

I have 4 of these – Systema lunch boxes.  They’re great for picnics and outings.  I love them for lunches because you can really pack a variety of food/snacks in it and see the whole picture. 

The green one is for Zander, pink for Violet (she’s five and a great eater) and blue for Michael (gluten-free). He nice thing is that there are common elements amongst the three lunches but I can also customize each of them according to preferences.  

So I think this is a much more Enjoyable way to make school lunches.  What do you think?


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