In a Pinch

I am normally on top of things – even with sleep deprivation.  But today, somehow, I missed the fact that Violet had PA Day today – i.e., NO SCHOOL.

The day had started with the baby (Willow) waking up before 6 am.  I knew she was going to have to nap earlier, too.  So, what’s one to do when you’ve got to wear the baby for a nap?  Stick the other one on an iPad.  Michael and I monitor our kids’ use of devices because we really do notice a shift in their moods.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I download her reading apps, organize educational apps into two folders and show her where to access the apps during the baby’s nap.  Then I set up the camera so I can keep an eye on her from the monitor while I lock myself in the room in the dark with the noisemaker.

Usually, Willow sleeps for at least 1:45 but today, she only did one.   And I forgot to mention, we only have one car.  Why is this important?  Well, a classmate of Violet’s invited her for a playdate.  But Michael was running late and couldn’t scoot to school because the roads were wet so I offered for him to take the car.

I ended up calling a cab to take to Michael’s school so I could pick up the car to go to the playdate.  I learned that a cab is considered public transportation so carseats are not necessary for children.  Good to know.  I know it was an expensive short trip – $10 for a 5 min ride but it was in a pinch.

(You could see the pure joy Violet had in her eyes because she got to sit in an ”adult seat and use an adult seatbelt.)


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